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Stop Smoking Audio CD, Smoking Cessation, Quit Smoking Hypnotherapy, Self Hypnosis CD

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Brand: Rachael Eccles
Format: CD
country of manufacture: United Kingdom
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If you are planning on stopping smoking, our Stop Smoking CD can help develop in you:

  • Powerful changes that make you not want to smoke at all
  • Withdrawal symptoms ease, and your willpower is enhanced
  • Motivation and determination to quit is strengthened

There are 3 tracks on the CD

1. Listen & wake
2. Mini Hypnosis Booster
3. Bedtime hypnosis

The Listen and wake track will guide you into a deeply relaxed state and build your motivation and commitment to stop smoking permanently. As you listen and become deeply relaxed and receptive, you absorb the hypnotic suggestions to reduce the desire more and more. Use this session if you want to feel refreshed and alert afterwards.

The Mini hypnosis session lasts approximately 5 minutes and is designed for use if you experience any difficult cravings

The Bedtime hypnosis is similar to track 1 except it guides you to sleep as it ends, making it ideal to use when you go to bed.

You can stop smoking as you begin using the CD, or you can set a quit date within the first week of using the CD, whichever you prefer.

Do NOT use while driving, operating machinery. If you have epilepsy, schizophrenia or a heart condition, consult a physician before use.

If you want to try stop smoking hypnosis but want to try it out first, please check out our two free hypnosis downloads - free download for anxiety and stress. Hypnosis uses "hypnotic suggestion" or Subliminal messages to stop smoking, which can help keep you motivated and put you off any thought of smoking.

Stop Smoking Self Hypnosis is a great alternative to smoking cessation nicotine replacement options. Quit smoking today without losing weight by using our stop smoking now Hypnosis CD.

This is also available as a Stop Smoking hypnosis download. Reviews can be seen on Amazon and are excellent if you want to check that out before you buy. Stop Smoking Hypnosis can help you quit today!

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Disclaimer: Self hypnosis results may vary. Do not listen to hypnosis audios while driving or doing anything that requires your attention. If you have a medical conditions, especially heart issues, mental health disorder, drug addiction or epilepsy please check with your doctor before attempting self treatment. Sometimes your medical professional may approve the use of hypnosis or meditation but sometimes they may not think it is right for you or they may think it will not be of benefit.

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