Is Hypnosis Real? What Is It, How Does it Work & More!

Is hypnosis real?

Lets start by clarifying what it is; hypnosis is a state of mind in which a person becomes suggestible and responsive to suggestions given by another person. It has been used for centuries to treat physical ailments and emotional problems. How does it work? Read on to find out

What is Hypnosis?

What is it and how do you know if you are in a “trance”? Think about how focused your mind gets when you are reading a really good book, or watching great movie. You can enter a state of focused attention in these situations that is pretty much the same as a hypnotic trance. Its a bit like daydreaming, you feel relaxed and a little disconnected. This is a state of hypnosis although it may be brief. When deliberately induced, the state of hypnosis is ideally maintained for a longer time, so that the aim of it can be successfully achieved.

is hypnosis real
Is hypnosis real?
What is Hypnotherapy?

This is a type of therapy that uses the state of hypnosis to give suggestions to the subconscious mind. The point is, to deliberately influence the subconscious mind with positive helpful ideas. People who undergo hypnosis often report feeling relaxed and calm. They may also feel as though they are able to concentrate better than usual and feel less stressed.

How Does it Create Change?

So, when asking is hypnosis real we need to ask how does it actually work to create change. Think about how throughout life we are being influenced. We are influenced by things we see such as television adverts, we are influenced by our peers, by our own thoughts, by the news channels we read. Hypnosis therapy is a form of influence that is deliberately aimed at creating a positive beneficial change.

Is there any scientific proof that it works?

There have been many studies on hypnosis. It is generally considered to be effective. how does hypnosis work on the brain? Brain waves a different when a person is is a hypnotic state Brain activity can be seen on brain scans and show different patterns when in hypnosis. Read more about this at New Scientist website. There are also many studies on the effectiveness of meditation which is basically the same thing. So in answer to the question Is hypnosis real? We think so, yes.

Why Do People Use Hypnosis?

There are many reasons why people use hypnosis. One reason is reduce stress and anxiety. Many people use hypnosis to treat insomnia, pain, and other medical issues. Self hypnosis can help with fears and phobias, interview nerves, habits and weight loss.

The History of Hypnosis

Hypnosis has been used by humans since ancient times. In fact, some believe that hypnosis was one of the first forms of medicine. Ancient Egyptians used hypnosis to help patients relax before surgery. They also used hypnosis to help children sleep better at night.

Benefits of Hypnosis

Hypnosis is an effective treatment for anxiety, stress, pain relief, insomnia, smoking cessation, weight loss, and much more. It does require persistence for it to work well. If you would like to look at our range of hypnosis just click here to go to the shop.

5 weird myths about hypnosis

  • Hypnosis can make you do or says things you wouldn’t normally do
  • Anyone can be hypnotized
  • You have to be in a very deep trance for it to work
  • Hypnosis is the same as sleep
  • Your level of suggestibility cannot change
  • When “under hypnosis” you lose consciousness

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