Conscious Critical Faculty

What is the “Conscious Critical Faculty”?

It is a way of explaining how the mind filters incoming information. Every bit of information incoming into our awareness is rapidly assessed or evaluated and may then be accepted or rejected accordingly. Advertisers attempt to bypass the conscious critical faculty by the use of catch phrases, jingles, memorable product names and stylish ads. You may think you are deciding what you think of the information consciously but some of it is happening automatic. For example, hearing the name of a brand frequently in advertisements may cause you to believe they are trustworthy, as they begin to feel familiar to you.

conscious critical faculty

The Conscious Critical Faculty

What is the importance of the critical faculty in hypnosis?

In order for hypnosis to work and the suggestions to be accepted and acted upon, we must bypass the conscious critical faculty. This is because part of the hypnotic subject’s mind may be thinking “this won’t work” I’ll always be like this” “things will never change” they may be ready for failure and acceptance of their problem or issue, we do not want that blocking the success of the hypnosis.

When you enter a hypnotic state your suggestibility is increased. What this means is that you become much more receptive and susceptible to ideas that are suggested during the hypnosis, much more than you would be in everyday waking life. Consequently the positive suggestions can be absorbed and not rejected by the conscious mind. This means the results will be positive and an effective result obtained.

How the conscious critical faculty works

The Conscious Critical Faculty is formed in childhood when we begin to realize that you cannot believe everything you hear, and the realization that some information is more useful or relevant to us than other information. Some specific ideas that we learned in childhood will create a basis on which we add, accept and reject information, in a way that is makes sense to us and fits in with our understanding of ourselves, the world and our core beliefs.

Is the conscious critical faculty always right?

Unfortunately no. We may accumulate many erroneous, incomplete and even nonsensical beliefs that may then influence what we accept and reject going forwards. For example: If a person has low self esteem they may gather memories, recall the words of others, and hold on to internal interpretations that reinforce the belief that they are “not good enough”

This is where hypnosis can be really helpful as it can facilitate changes in the way we think. To improve low self esteem in such a situation would definitely require the bypassing of the conscious critical faculty. Using self hypnosis or hypnotherapy in this case would be likely to help a great deal at changing some of those unhelpful and incorrect beliefs into positive helpful ones.

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