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Most Popular Hypnosis Questions and Answers

Here you will find the most frequently asked questions about hypnosis

  • Hypnosis FAQ no.1 – Hypnosis downloads do they work?

    I have worked for many years using hypnotherapy to help people make changes in their lives and in the way they feel.  As an advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist I believe that using hypnosis downloads or CDs is equally beneficial as a one to one session for most people. 

    You Have to Want to change – In my experience hypnosis works by helping you make the changes you already want to make, in a sense it is a positive influence, a helpful guiding voice to reinforce the positive changes needed. It can help to transform them from a mere idea, and make them become a reality.

  • What’s different about your hypnosis sessions?

    Compounding Suggestions: I’ve seen first hand in my clients and customers, amazing improvements and positive changes through the use of hypnotherapy, hypnosis downloads (and hypnosis CDs).  One of the benefits of using hypnosis audios is that you can listen to the same suggestions again and again. The benefit of repetition of the content designed to bring about positive change, can’t be stressed enough.  Hypnosis can bring about personal transformation, it can help you overcome anxieties and fears. Self hypnosis can help you become the best version of you.

  • Hypnosis FAQ – Should I listen to my hypnosis download or CD when I go to bed?

    Yes, this is a great idea, and going to sleep after listening to one of our hypnosis sessions is ideal because you will feel very relaxed after listening and it will be effortless to drift off to sleep. With this in mind, some of the albums have separate daytime and bedtime tracks. These are in some cases the same session in every detail except for the brief introduction and different ending so you can be woken up or left to sleep to the sound of the music. You may choose to let the track play on a loop through the night.  

  • Hypnosis FAQ – How long does it take for hypnotherapy to work?

    How long hypnosis takes to work varies from person to person. It also depends on what changes you are trying to achieve, what other stresses and issues may be going on in your life at the time, and also how much you really want to change. If you use the self-hypnosis session every day for 30 days, you should certainly see some lasting changes, but most people will notice positive change happening much sooner than this.

    Some experience powerful change from the very first listen. The purpose of listening for 30 days on a consistent basis, is that the repetition of the hypnotic suggestion has a beneficial consolidating effect. And so should ensure that the positive changes you get are lasting.

  • Hypnosis FAQ – What is the mini hypnosis for?

    Some of our CDs and downloads now have three tracks, daytime, bedtime and a mini hypnosis. This mini hypnosis is about 5 minutes long and is designed with two purposes in mind; just as with people who regularly meditate, many people who use self-hypnosis a lot become very expert at getting themselves into a trance and will often not need a long induction to get them to that perfect receptive state.
    So, this is where the mini hypnosis session comes in useful. It has a relaxation process that lasts only about 1 minute and 50 seconds and the very essence of the suggestion work follows after that. This is perfect for anyone who does not wish to always use the full session.

    However, many people who do find themselves able to achieve perfect trance in a short timescale will also use the full session at times in order to gain the full effect of the content and the experience of very deep hypnosis. The other purpose of the mini hypnosis sessions is that sometimes you may want to experience the benefit of the hypnosis session but do not have time to do the full session.

    So as a matter of convenience, the 5 minute session comes in handy here. It is also perfect to use just before going into a situation where you need to gain the effect required, for example, a job interview or a social engagement. Using the 5-minute session also reinforces the full-length hypnosis. All in all its handy to have this 5 minute session as there will certainly be occasions when it is of use to you.

  • Hypnosis FAQ – Can everyone be hypnotized?

    Virtually anyone can be hypnotized as long as they are willing. It is not possible to hypnotize anyone against their will. It is not advised to try hypnosis while under the influence of alcohol or drugs as it will be unlikely to work. Try our quiz “How Hypnotizable Are You” to find out if hypnosis would be likely to work on you.

  • Hypnosis FAQ – How will I know if I was actually in a hypnotic trance?

    Some people have a preconceived notion of what being in a trance should feel like and may expect a magical experience! Some people report euphoric feelings in hypnosis, how profound the experience is, depends on you. It depends on your imagination, your ability to visualize and your creative thinking skills. Some people can let go and allow themselves to be guided into a perfect state of hypnosis with ease. The experience of being in a trance varies.

  • Are there different levels of hypnotic trance?

    Hypnosis FAQ – Three levels of trance
    Light Hypnotic trance
    In a light hypnotic trance, you feel nicely relaxed as you listen but you will hear everything that is said on the hypnosis CD.  You can get great results in a light trance, just as much as in a deeper trance.

    If you are in a light trance, you are relaxed and listening. Your attention is focused, but you may drift off from time to time. You usually remember less when you go to deeper states of hypnosis. With any level of trance, you should feel relaxed and the time should go by more quickly (so a 20-minute session feels more like 5 -10 minutes). You may have powerful visualizations and feel very peaceful when you open your eyes. So, sometimes you may just feel very relaxed. However at other times you may have profound hypnotic experiences.
    Medium Hypnotic trance
    In a medium hypnosis trance you may miss parts of the session. You may realize this if the recording seems disjointed or the next time you listen to it you notice elements that you have not noticed before.
    This is perfectly natural, and this is a great trance state to be in.  You can get great results in this type of trance.
    Deep Hypnotic trance
    In a deep hypnotic trance, you are very relaxed and may remember little of what was said. It may feel like only a few minutes have passed when in reality it was much longer.  You may feel as if you have been asleep, yet you hear the wake up count at the end. 

    Most likely you have not have been asleep, instead you have been in deep hypnosis. You are really letting go in this level of trance. This is an excellent trance state to be in for any kind of anxiety or stress related issues. For any purpose though, this level of trance can bring great results.
    In conclusion most people experience a mixture of different levels of hypnosis. How strong a trance is depends on how you feel that day. What is happening around you and what is on your mind.  Relax and go with it for maximum benefits.

  • Hypnosis FAQ – Can you get “stuck” in hypnosis?

    No, you cannot get stuck in hypnosis. Actually hypnosis is a state of relaxation.

  • I am quite skeptical, is this a problem?

    It is absolutely fine to be skeptical about whether hypnosis is going to work for you. If you have never used self hypnosis and perhaps do not know of anyone who has, then it is perfectly natural to have doubts. If you are willing to try it and try to keep an open mind as to whether it will work or not then give it a go and see what happens.

    If you try self hypnosis and it doesn’t really work for you, then you will still probably get some relaxation benefits. If it does work, it may solve a problem that was bothering you, so you really have nothing to lose by trying it.

  • Hypnosis FAQ – Can I listen to more than one session?

    Yes, you may listen to more than one session but don’t do more than four full sessions in a day. You can also use them by interchanging between several self hypnosis programs. See our titles as a list here

  • Hypnosis FAQ – If I fall asleep while listening to the hypnosis CD, is that a good or a bad thing?

    It depends at what point you fell asleep. It may be of course that you were simply in a deep state of hypnosis. If you hear the count up at the end, then that is probably the case. However, if you fell asleep before the subject matter of the session begins. This could mean you are missing out on some of the benefits you could be getting from hypnosis.

  • Hypnosis FAQ – Should I listen to the hypnosis CD on a loop through the night?

    You can do this, but not all the time.  Listening to the session on a loop can really power the message into your subconscious, so it is a good way to get changes moving fast.  On the negative side though, it can make you tired so do not do this every night.  Give your subconscious a break at least three nights per week so you can enjoy a deep sleep.

  • Hypnosis FAQ – Why can’t I just listen to the hypnosis once and get the result I want?

    Some people do get the change they desire after just one listen. For some people, the results come quickly, but even then it is advisable to keep listening on a regular basis because the repetition is beneficial to ensure the changes are lasting. Using it regularly usually means you will get a better result. If you dedicate yourself to getting the most out of each session, then you will. By staying motivated, listening often, and following the suggestions, you are sure to experience successful results.

  • Hypnosis FAQ – Do I need to use headphones or are speakers okay?

    It is entirely down to your preference. You can use either, but headphones are best.

  • Hypnosis FAQ – I am finding it difficult to let go.  Do you have any relaxation tips?

    If you are new to self-hypnosis, it may seem a strange thing to do, to lie back and allow yourself to be directed to a relaxed state. It may also be easier said than done. You may feel that you are not as relaxed as you should be. The fact is, it can take practice for some people. It might be that the first few times, you feel you are just going through the motions but then you should find that it somehow “clicks.”

    It might be that you are over-analyzing and trying too hard. You will find that when you stop trying it becomes easier to you let go and drift into a trance state.  Listen to the suggestions and instructions without questioning or analyzing and don’t be concerned about any thoughts that might drift through your mind.  Let them go, focus and listen, and keep trying. You will find it worthwhile.

  • Hypnosis FAQ – Is there a best time of day to listen to my hypnosis download or CD?

    Whatever works best for you. A lot of people listen when they go to bed which is great as long as you don’t immediately fall asleep and miss the whole thing of course. Listening in the morning or the afternoon is perfectly fine too because there is no optimum time for hypnosis. Commit to the recording when you are ready and find out gradually what works for you.

  • Hypnosis FAQ – Are your hypnosis downloads and CDs suitable for children?

    Our recordings are best suited for adults and children over the age of 12. The relaxation part (induction) may be too long for a younger child because children tend to go into hypnosis much more easily. Children do not benefit from a long induction.

  • Hypnosis FAQ – I can’t visualize, I just don’t see anything. Does this mean that it won’t work for me?

    It is not essential that you visualize well, so do not worry if this happens. There are visualization techniques in every hypnosis session and the effect that is being created is also facilitated in literal word form too.  In other words, it is designed to account for the fact that the listener cannot necessarily clearly visualize.  This should not pose a problem at all. Some people experience hypnosis in a more auditory way.  Listening to the words and allowing the words to create a descriptive scene rather than a visual one.

  • Hypnosis FAQ – Is listening to a self-hypnosis recording as good as seeing a hypnotherapist for real?

    Listening to a self-hypnosis recording is actually better in many ways than seeing a hypnotherapist in person.  One way is that the suggestions (i.e. the subject matter of the session) need to be precise, clear and to the point. It can take several meetings with a therapist before they fully understand what you want to get out of it. 
    The recordings are all very precise and cover very specific subject areas so that the content is thorough and effective. Another way in which hypnosis works is through repetition or compounding. This is when the most important points are repeated and emphasized over and over.

    The benefit of repeatedly listening to the session is very important because this is how the changes really take effect more and more powerfully and become lasting changes.  Finally, another way in which your own self-hypnosis session is better than seeing a hypnotherapist in person is that you get used to the hypnosis induction and are able to relax to it more effectively with continued use.

  • Hypnosis FAQ – I really need this to work for me how can I get the best result from the hypnosis CD?

    The most important factor in your success is down to your commitment and motivation. So this means listening to the session regularly, daily if possible. You may be busy and have less free time than you would like but making this commitment is how you get results. Find the time to listen if you want to reap the benefits.  Think about the change you are looking for and try to remain consciously positive about achieving it. Make the time to listen, just take 30 minutes each day, find a quiet place where to can be undisturbed and relax.

    Rather than wishing, hoping and trying, you should be thinking of this change as something that is already there for you, something you are going to achieve, something that is already predetermined.  With your positive conscious thinking and use of the session daily, you can change in a thorough and powerful way.  The hypnosis can work on your subconscious mind changing the programming and therefore allowing you to become the version of you that you want to be

  • Hypnosis FAQ – How does hypnotherapy differ from Stage Hypnosis?

    Many people wonder if hypnotherapy is similar to stage hypnosis.  Some hypnotherapists dislike stage hypnotists and it is common to be quite damning of it suggesting it gives hypnotherapy a bad name.  Personally I think it makes a good show and is very entertaining.  Stage hypnotists need a great deal of skill, expertise and showmanship to do what they do.
    The psychology of stage hypnosis:

    Let’s take a look at the main differences between stage hypnosis and hypnotherapy:
    Stage hypnosis works of many levels.  There is a buzz of excitement in being at such an event, there is an air of expectation, a curiosity and mystery, all these feelings can be quite ‘infectious’.  Additionally, the hypnotist usually has a level of skill and charisma. Which only helps build this atmosphere of excitement.

    Once the entertainment begins the hypnotist is looking to identify the most ‘suggestible’ people in the audience.  However he is also looking for willing participants.  Someone who wants to get up on that stage.  These are the characteristics of a extrovert or ‘social butterfly’.  In this unique  environment people want something silly and entertaining.  In any case we all know the subjects are given instructions so it is fairly easy for them to entertain the audience as they are willing participants.

    Once up on the stage the suggestible willing participants find themselves in the limelight and any doubts as to whether to continue usually disappear in the unusual atmosphere with audience waiting and watching. An element of pressure may help to keep the volunteer on the stage.

  • Hypnosis FAQ -How does hypnosis work?

    Hypnotherapy uses different techniques, if seeing a hypnotherapist in person, there will be plenty of conversation initially as the therapist will be aiming to establish a good rapport.  If using a recording, the idea is to get very relaxed, so the recording should be calming, relaxing and focused.  Hypnosis is used to bring about the changes required through ‘suggestion’.

    Overall this is similar to stage hypnosis in that there is a message suggested to the subject. Whereas hypnotherapy is less dramatic and less entertaining than stage hypnosis. Furthermore Hypnotherapy is much more relaxing and therapeutic. With the power of Hypnotherapy, there is a real potential for amazing changes to take place within you.

  • Hypnosis FAQ  – Does Hypnosis work?

    Yes.  Hypnosis is a proven, effective way of achieving change. Hypnotherapy is often recommended by medical practitioners. This is because it is recognized as a beneficial and effective method of changing the way you feel.  The state of hypnosis is a relaxed state where your mind is focused, and your body relaxed.  When in this state your relaxed subconscious mind is both open and receptive to new ideas.  This could mean your subconscious is open to positive affirmations which have a powerful and lasting effect.

    We offer a huge range of hypnosis downloads and CDs, as well as meditation products.  If you are looking for something, in particular or you are not sure what to buy please go to our hypnosis questionnaire page.

  • Hypnosis FAQ – Hypnosis definition

    The state of hypnosis is similar to a deep meditation, it is an “altered state” and can feel like daydreaming. Yet you can come out of it if you wish, you maintain your free will at all times during hypnosis.  Most times when someone is in a hypnotic state they choose to stay in it for a time.  This is mostly because it is pleasant.  It can feel very different according to the level of trance you are in and if there is a purpose to the hypnosis – i.e. hypnotherapy, then it involves a willingness to follow instruction to achieve a desired goal, a willingness to relax and stay in the state of hypnosis and to listen, even if passively, to the suggestion work.

  • Do you have to be relaxed to be hypnotized?

    No you don’t have to be relaxed, in fact you can go into a trance while exercising for example, especially with repetitive movement such as running cycling, swimming, weight training. However, when using hypnosis for therapeutic changes it is more helpful to relax at the same time.

  • Can you drive after hypnotherapy?

    If you have relaxed very deeply you may feel slightly drowsy for a few minutes after than it is fine to drive. Never listen to self hypnosis audios while driving though.

  • Is Hypnosis Right for You?

    Sometimes people look for hypnotherapy when counselling might meet their needs more precisely.  If your desire is to examine your innermost thoughts and understand your motivations then counselling may help, or indeed meditation can also help too.  If you are more interested in changing how you feel, think and react, then hypnotherapy is an excellent way of going about it.  Hypnotherapy is the use of hypnosis to bring about positive change, to strengthen yourself, to overcome weaknesses and habits and develop and enhance yourself.

  • How to be more susceptible to hypnosis

    If you want to get into a better/deeper hypnotic state and get stronger results from self hypnosis here are a few things to do.

    1. Alleviate any fears or concerns about hypnosis by reading about it and asking any questions.

    2. Practice, practice, practice. The more you use self hypnosis, (or the more you meditate) the better you get at it.

    3. Only use self hypnosis to make changes you really want to make.

    For example: You are using hypnosis to become better at public speaking but deep down you are thinking about how you want to escape having to do public speaking at all! Results in this scenario would be moderate at best. What you would need to do is develop the desire to be good at it, and build it up by thinking about the career benefits, the personal achievement, respect and admiration and skills you would be gaining. Consciously overcoming your self doubt and resistance, leaves the path clear for change and personal growth.

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