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Quiz: How Hypnotizable are You?

is hypnosis real

How Hypnotizable are you?

Complete this quiz to find out just how hypnotizable you really are.

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You are Driving to work and you are late because you are stuck in a traffic jam. How stressed are you?

How stressed are you?

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Do you intend to use hypnosis (hypnotherapy), if so, why?

why use hypnosis?

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Do you believe that if you can change your thoughts you can change your life?

positive attraction and hypnosis

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Are you an introvert or an extrovert?

introvert or extrovert

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How true is this statement? When it comes to self hypnosis, I have no fears or concerns about its safety.

fear of hypnosis

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How easily do you relax?

how easily do you relax

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Finish the sentence:  Hypnosis is...

Hypnosis is....

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Which of the following best describes you?

(Choose 1 or 2 answers)


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I am thinking about using self hypnosis because...

why use self hypnosis

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Most days I....


(tick all that apply to you)


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Would you describe yourself as a very logical person?


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How often do you meditate?


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When reading a good book or watching a movie I...

in the zone

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The purpose of the questionnaire is that you can fill in the information and we will then suggest titles based on your answers.

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