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The Hypnosis Downloads Help Section: We often get emails asking how to get the hypnosis download onto your devices, such as downloading to iPhone or iPad as this is different to Android devices and a little more complicated.  Our Technical support page can help with that  We have created this help center to provide extra support where you can find the information you need, without having to email us and wait for a reply.

Hypnosis Downloads Help

The different categories all cover the various information and help you may be looking for.  Such as helpful articles, advice and tips in our blog.  Common questions about hypnosis (FAQ) hypnotherapy and our products – one question that often comes up is – hypnosis downloads do they work?  You will find these common questions and the answers to them on our FAQ page.  If you still can’t find the information you are looking for though, please do get in touch with us at  We will be happy to help you.

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