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Boost your ego

Accept Love Affection & Intimacy

Overcome Fear of Rejection

Confidence Approaching Women

Look after no.1

Stop Being Pathetic

Stop Seeking Approval

Be More Easy Going

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You may also notice in the store there are many new titles that are available to purchase but are classed as pre-order items. If you purchase one of these items it will go onto a list to be made. Please be patient it will be worth waiting!

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New Products Out Now

Law of Attraction for Manifesting Positive Energy

Law of Attraction, Series of titles coming soon

Cope with your controlling partner

Cope With Your Controlling Partner, Self Hypnosis MP3 Download or CD

Stop Overeating

Stop Overeating, Lose Weight More Easily. Self Hypnosis MP3 Download or CD

Ultimate concentration and focus

Ultimate Concentration and Focus. Self Hypnosis Download or CD

Career change confidence

Career Change Confidence. Hypnosis Download or CD