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Quit Smoking Hypnotherapy, Stop Smoking Help, Hypnosis Downloads Bundle

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ISBN: 978 1 78587 361 4
Format: CD/MP3

Quit Smoking Hypnosis Download or CD Bundle Pack

The Powerful Quit Smoking hypnosis bundle contains 5 titles (11 downloads)



  • Stop Smoking Now, (3 tracks)
  • Perfect Sleep (2 tracks)
  • Willpower, (2 tracks)
  • Healthy Lifestyle, (2 tracks)
  • Stress Reduction and Relaxation (2 tracks)


Better Value with a Bundle

Instant Downloads

Each title in this pack includes a daytime and a bedtime hypnosis. There are 11 instant hypnosis downloads in total. Buying these separately would be £44.95 so at £33.50 this bundle saves you over 25%.

Hypnosis CDs

If you choose CD format you will receive 5 x CDs, This would normally cost £54.85, so at £46.60 you save over 15%


How Hypnosis can help with quitting smoking

Giving up smoking is difficult, and this hypnosis download pack can help you get through it. With the Stop Smoking hypnosis, it helps you stick to your decision, helping you stay focused on why you want to stop smoking. The positive suggestions influence your subconscious mind to not want to smoke, to stay strong and free of smoking. This hypnosis helps establish post-hypnotic suggestions that help you see smoking as something of no interest to you at all.

5 Titles to help you achieve your goals

The willpower hypnosis helps give you inner strength to achieve this. When you feel you need to get into a healthy mindset, the Healthy lifestyle hypnosis sessions with give you a boost and get you feeling relieved that you no longer smoke. Sometimes it is difficult to sleep well when you first give up smoking, as you may feel a little out of sorts. The Perfect Sleep hypnosis download can help with this. Finally, we added the Stress Reduction and Relaxation hypnosis downloads, because when giving up smoking it sometimes feels like the slightest stress can trigger the desire to smoke or to give in. Using this relaxation hypnosis can get your stress levels right down so you feel able to stay strong and focused on your goal.


How to use this Hypnosis bundle

Follow the 7 Steps outlined below to get the most from your self hypnosis bundle. You can if you choose, use the hypnosis audios according to what you feel is most important to work on at that point. This 7 step guide is just to help you create a structure but be flexible and follow your instincts and intuition.

Step 1

The first thing to do is to set a quit date.. This can be as soon as 2 days from now or several weeks from now. Mark this date in your calendar and write it somewhere you will see it every day, ideally in multiple places.

Step 2

Start using the Healthy Lifestyle hypnosis. Use either one or both tracks once or twice a day. When you visualize yourself see yourself as a non-smoker. This will help you as you start to prepare mentally for positive changes. You are developing motivation to become healthier now, building a positive self image of yourself without smoking, build on this as much as possible.

Step 3

Have your last cigarette and really focus on it, knowing this is your last cigarette ever. Accept this, even if it feels sad or too difficult, know that you can do it just as countless other people have. Now dispose of smoking gear, lighters, cigarette butts, packets etc. Immediately listen to either the daytime or bedtime track of the Stop Smoking Now hypnosis.

Step 4

Over the next 2 to 3 days the nicotine is leaving your body and there is a physical withdrawal to get through. During this time drink lots of water, practice deep breathing and keep busy. Use any track that makes sense to you at the time according to how you are feeling. If you have a bad craving use the smoking hypnosis mini track or practice deep breathing throughout the craving and let it pass.

Step 5

Days 4 - 7 - You will now be past the physical craving but still may experience a desire to smoke and you must resist this, just one cigarette would completely sabotage your success, it's not worth it. At this point you may find using the stress reduction hypnosis to be very beneficial. You may also find the perfect sleep hypnosis at bedtime will help you sleep better. Sleep quality can temporarily be affected when you stop smoking, so using this or any other sleep hypnosis will help.

Step 6

At the 7 day point you have gone a full week with no smoking and you are doing really well! For the next 2 weeks use one or more hypnosis sessions each day. Choose a title according to how you feel. Keep aware of stress levels and keep busy as much as you can. Once you get to 21 days of no smoking you have succeeded. You will always need to be aware of temptation and never give in to it. This way you will stay free of smoking and feel good about yourself and feel healthier too.

Step 7

After 14 days of being free from cigarettes, you are now a non-smoker, well done! To consolidate your achievement and help maintain your success, use the willpower hypnosis for 1 - 2 weeks. This can help you to feel even more certain that you will keep going and stay free of smoking.



These hypnosis sessions were created by professional hypnotherapist Rachael Eccles. Rachael is also an ex-smoker of over 20 years. If you would like to read more about giving up smoking, please click here to read the article on how hypnosis for stopping smoking might help you.



Do not use while driving, operating machinery. If you have epilepsy, schizophrenia or a heart condition, consult a physician before use.

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