What is Mesmerism?

Mesmerism is a form of hypnosis which uses hand gestures and eye gazing to induce trance states. It was developed by an Austrian Doctor called Franz Anton Mesmer who believed that the human body had a life force that could be manipulated through physical contact.

The word “mesmerism” is synonymous for some with the word hypnosis or hypnotic trance. It originates of course from the research and experiments of Franz Mesmer. Mesmer developed an interest in what he termed “magnetism” believed this magnetic energy came from the human body and he would imbue objects with this energy. He used a container of water called a “baquet” for patients to get into to (sometimes with him!) so that he could cure their ailments. Luckily hypnosis is not like that anymore.

Mesmerism Treatment Anyone?

Just kidding. These days mesmerism is an antiquated term from the history or hypnosis that is synonymous with hypnosis but at the same time irrelevant!

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