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A phobia is an intense fear of something and usually involves an overreaction which is very unpleasant to experience. Using hypnosis for phobias and fears helps to address your fears and create different ways of reacting. Positive suggestions in the hypnosis help create post hypnotic effects (post hypnotic suggestions). These then allow your brain to understand new ways of thinking about your fear that don’t involve irrational responses, but instead a stoic acceptance, calmness and freedom for panic.

With practice using your phobia or fear hypnosis download or CD the post hypnotic suggestions will take effect and as the fear fades you feel different, stronger and better able to cope. Scroll down to read frequently asked questions about hypnosis for phobia or fear issues.

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What is a phobia?

Phobias are an irrational fear of something. It is important we understand that this irrational fear creates irrational actions. Fear of harmless spiders in England for example is understandable in that we don’t want to have spiders in our houses, but it becomes a phobia when your actions are an over response to a creature that is just as scared of you as you are of it.

What is clinical hypnotherapy for phobias?

Clinical hypnotherapy for phobias is the use of hypnosis to attempt to change the habit responses of the conscious and subconscious mind. Using positive suggestions, changes can happen in the response to the fear stimulus and the anxious feelings. It can take a little time to work, so persevere using the hypnosis for 3 weeks minimum to give it chance to work for you.

Does Hypnosis work on a phobia?

Hypnosis is an excellent treatment for fears and phobias of all kinds.  If you can’t find the phobias and fears hypnosis product you want please do get in touch, we will be happy to help you.

Does hypnosis work for emetophobia

This is a complex phobia as it is often also a fear of germs, bacteria, illness, medical intervention, illness of others. However, it can be helped especially in cases that have not gone on for many decades. When a phobia has been a problem for you for a very long time then seek advice from your doctor.

Phobias that hypnotherapy can relieve

Many phobias are very similar in that the phobic person has overreaction to the fear stimulus. That being said, it can sometimes take a lot of effort to unravel this response. Additionally the success in overcoming and being able to manage a phobia also depends on the situation for example, if you have a fear of snakes and live in the United Kingdom then you can quite successfully avoid seeing snakes most of the time. Often, the time to tackle a phobia is when it impinges on your life too much eg: if you work on floor 14 and you are afraid of lifts/elevators. Hypnosis for phobias can usually reduce the reaction significantly or eliminate it altogether, but you need to work on it for several weeks.

What if I can’t find my specific phobia title in the shop?

If you can’t find the title you want in the hypnosis for phobias category then please get in touch. We may add the title to our suggestions list. You can contact us using the contact for (just click here to go to it). Alternatively you could fill in the hypnosis questionnaire, this is especially recommended if you also have other things you would like to work on as well as your phobia. Additionally you may find a calming meditation or hypnosis title helpful so you can work on bringing your anxiety levels down.

Are there any free hypnosis downloads that might help me?

Yes. We have 2 anxiety related and stress management hypnosis audios you can get free. Just click here to go to the free hypnosis page


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