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Law of Attraction, Manifesting Happiness and Gratitude

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Law of Attraction Manifesting Happiness & Gratitude

This hypnosis/meditation is perfect for focusing your mind of positive thinking, positive expectation and gratitude, which is key to successful manifesting. The hypnosis includes section where you visualize what you want in your life that will enhance your happiness and gratitude. Later a guided visualization takes you through the cosmic ordering process. Lots of positive suggestion and visualization of you experiencing gratitude and contentment and living your life n a way that makes that happen. This meditation is helpful for keeping you focused and very clear about what you are asking for. There are two tracks, one for daytime use which wakes you up refreshed at the end and one for use at bedtime that gently fades to relaxing music to help you sleep. This hypnosis meditation helps in the following ways:

  • Deep relaxation
  • Calming for your mind and emotions
  • Positive expectation
  • Positive visualizations
  • Developing clarity of what needs to happen for you to feel this good
  • Positive thoughts
  • Guidance through the visualization process
  • Making the mental connection between you and your desire
  • Guided process of cosmic ordering
  • Space for you to mentally phrase your request in your own words

Track 1: Manifesting Happiness & Gratitude Listen and Wake Hypnosis/Meditation

Track 2: Deep Sleep Hypnosis for Manifesting Happiness & Gratitude


We believe in the law of attraction but there is no scientific proof that it is real or that it works. This product is provided as a guided meditation to help you visualize and focus and go through the process of cosmic ordering but we can't promise that you will get what you ask the universe for. If you have epilepsy or illnesses that affect breathing or mental focus please check with your doctor before using this meditation/hypnosis audio. Do not use while driving or doing anything that requires your concentration.

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