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Confidence hypnosis downloads or CDs are a form of self-improvement hypnosis. You may be looking for general self confidence boosters, but we also have a large selection of very specific titles for self confidence in certain situations. For instance, do you ever get stage fright? Or perhaps you struggle with public speaking? The confidence hypnosis audios below will empower you to take control of your fears and push them aside and feel more in control. Furthermore with Best-selling products such as ‘Light up the Room‘ you can be a charismatic magnet in any social situation. Confidence is something that make you feel secure, comfortable, good about yourself and anyone can achieve the with the help of confidence hypnosis audio programs.

Confidence, Self-esteem, Shyness, Public Speaking, Charisma and more...

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Questions on hypnotherapy for confidence

How can confidence hypnosis downloads or CDs help me?

Does hypnosis work for confidence? Our confidence hypnosis downloads and CDs will encourage you to feel more at ease with yourself, to enjoy social situations and interactions more and to feel more empowered and able to cope with anything and everything in a calm confident way. With over 80 confidence hypnosis audios to choose from there should be something that matches your need. Try to keep an open mind and use the hypnosis audio each day.

How can I use hypnosis to increase confidence?

Some of our products are very specific, so hopefully you will easily identify something suitable. When you buy one of our hypnosis downloads or CDs we advise that you use them on a daily basis for about 21 – 30 days. The reason is that confidence hypnosis works best when the message is repeated again and again. This repetition helps the subconscious mind pick up on the suggestions and consequently the post hypnotic suggestions can take an effect. So find a quiet place where you can relax for 30 minutes and listen, ideally using headphones.

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