7 Ways To Conquer Your Fear Of Eating In Public

Conquer Your Fear Of Eating In Public

How to find ways to conquer your fear of eating in public is a real problem for many people. It can cause embarrassment, social anxiety, and even physical symptoms like nausea and vomiting. But there are things you can do to overcome this fear and enjoy meals in public, read this 7 Ways To Conquer Your Fear Of Eating In Public, and it may help you to stop worrying about what others might say and may help you feel relaxed in those situations in future.

Ways To Conquer Your Fear Of Eating In Public
Ways To Conquer Your Fear Of Eating In Public

Start small

If you’re new to the experience of eating out in public, start with something simple and easy to eat. Perhaps order a salad at a restaurant, order a sandwich at a deli, or ask for a side dish at a fast food place. You’ll feel more comfortable when you’ve done something small first rather than committing yourself to a long dinner in a restaurant with lots of people around. When looking for ways to conquer your fear of eating in public take it one step at a time.

Eat slowly

Next, try ordering a meal without looking at the menu and thinking about any problems or ‘what ifs’. This will help you focus on enjoying your food instead of worrying about how much or little you’re going to eat. Also, make sure you take smaller bites to make it easy. Don’t rush. This will make it easier for you to relax and be less self conscious. The more positive experiences you have eating in public, the easier it will get for you.

Take it one bite at a time

If you feel anxious when eating out, then consider only going to eat out when you are with people close to you that you are very comfortable with. this way you will be less tense while you eat and find it easier to gradually move on to more formal and/or varied settings. You might also find it helpful to ask the waiter or waitress to bring you something to drink if you run low because it can be helpful if your anxiety makes your mouth a little dry. You will discover many ways to conquer your fear of eating in public, starting small is the way to go

Does trying new foods make you anxious?

You may have anxiety about what the food will look like when it is served. If you have anxiety about food and are very particular about what you will and will not eat just the sight of food that you are not comfortable with can upset you. We have a self hypnosis title called “Food Phobia” this can be very helpful with overcoming texture issues and the fear of trying new foods. With food phobia it can be even worse when eating in public as you fear being judged by others as well as the stress you are experiencing.

How to overcome restaurant anxiety

If you’re going out to eat with friends or family, you’ll probably feel more comfortable trying something new. You might also find yourself less likely to order something you’ve never tried before. Plus, you’ll have support when you do decide to try something new. With experience there will be so many ways to conquer your fear of eating in public, you will in time forget sometimes that you even had the issue.

What is the fear of eating in front of others called

Deipnophobia is the name of the phobia where you feel anxious eating in public situations. The fear is not generally of the food itself but the setting. Fear of food itself is called cibophobia. We offer a self hypnosis for anxiety about trying new foods and we simply call this “food phobia” as it is not really cibophobia for more about anxiety and eating disorders. If you would like to look at our range of phobia self hypnosis and meditation audios click here. So you see there are many ways to conquer your fear of eating in public. You can overcome this with persistence and practice.