Hypnosis for Alcohol Control – How It Works

Hypnosis for Alcohol

Learn how to use this powerful technique to help you quit drinking or cut back on your drinking

Hypnosis works by putting you into a trance state where you feel relaxed and comfortable. You may feel like you will fall asleep during the session and when you wake up, you will feel more relaxed. Hypnosis is an effective way to control cravings for alcohol. You can use self hypnosis to help you reduce alcohol intake in general, drink less when you do choose to indulge, or cut out alcohol completely. Self hypnosis also helps people quit smoking and lose weight as well as many other areas of self improvement.

Free Drink Less Alcohol Hypnosis

Listen to the hypnosis for alcohol reduction mp3 several times a day if possible. Try to use it every day until you start to feel an effect. Then just use it if you need to. The full hypnosis download (or CD) includes a daytime track lasting about 25 minutes and sleep hypnosis which is about 35 minutes. Ideally listen to the hypnosis with headphones. to see the full menu of free hypnosis download just click here

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Reduce alcohol in your life

Read more about this product click the image below to go to the drink less alcohol self hypnosis page and read more about how this hypnosis could help you. Maybe you want to stop drinking during the week, perhaps you just drink too much on the occasions when you do drink and want to know your limits better. This hypnosis for alcohol reduction includes 2 tracks, a daytime listening one, and one for nighttime which is designed for use just before you go to sleep. For more titles view our full list here

Self Hypnosis to Drink Less Alcohol

Free Hypnosis Downloads

Among our selection of free hypnosis downloads (click here to go to the free hypnosis menu) we have included this hypnosis for alcohol reduction to help with drinking less alcohol. It may be that you have started to drink more often or that when you do drink alcohol you have too much. Using self hypnosis can help you to stick to decisions you have made such as to drink less alcohol. You can listen to this hypnosis audio right here on this page or scroll down and you will see you can get the actual hypnosis download. If you get the hypnosis download you can then listen to it on your computer or smartphone any time you like.

The Science Behind Hypnosis for Alcohol Reduction

Hypnosis has been used for thousands of years as a form of therapy. In fact, some people believe that ancient Egyptians used hypnosis to treat illnesses such as asthma. Today, as well as self hypnosis for alcohol control, hypnosis is still widely used to help people relax before surgery, reduce pain, and even stop smoking. Many scientific studies show that hypnosis just like meditation has an effect on the brain. Most “evidence” though, tends to come from the many people who have tried it and found it works. To read more about a scientific study of the effectiveness of hypnosis click here

How Hypnotizable are you?

Some people are more hypnotizable than others, what may work for some will not necessarily work for others. To find out how hypnotizable you are, why not take our quiz, just click here to try it.

How to use Hypnosis for Alcohol Control in your Situation

If you’re interested in using hypnosis for alcohol reduction, there are several ways you can do so. First, you should think about why and drinking less alcohol will benefit you, maybe even write this down. Next, you need to decide on a day to begin this change. Then find a quite place where you can sit comfortable or lie down and not be disturbed. Now you can listen to the hypnosis audio. Listen to it several times a day if possible at first.

If you have alcoholism please consult your doctor before trying hypnosis. If you need professional help and advice make an appointment to see your doctor or and visit the nhs website here fore help and guidance

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