How to Download an MP3

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How to Download Hypnosis MP3 Downloads

Total Time: 5 minutes


Step 1: Purchase the Instant hypnosis download MP3 (or get one free)

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A. The first thing you need to do is to purchase the instant download you want. So go to our website shop and find the product you would like. you can click here now to go to the shop and find what you want. or click here to go to the list of products

B. When you place an order please make sure it is showing the MP3 instant download selected rather than the CD. Ensure this before proceeding when you make your purchase. Then click “add to bag”.

You can now proceed to step 2.

Step 2: Enter your email address and purchase the download

self hypnosis downloads

A. Email address: In this section you need to enter your email address. This is where your receipt and the links for the download will be sent to, so please make sure you enter it correctly. Also if you do not see the email after completing the purchase, be sure to check in the Spam folder as it might be in there.

B. Check the box to agree with T & Cs

C. Payment: You then make the payment and proceed. Unless it is a free download of course. Click “Place Order”

D. Order confirmation: You will now be taken to the order confirmation page and the links to the item you purchased will be visible on the screen once the order is confirmed.

Downloads: See the Links on the screen – Now simply click on the “download” button next.

Step 3: How to download your purchase

A. How to download to your computer or laptop: You will notice a little box will appear when you click the download button. This looks a little different depending on which browser you use. It might be a little box in the bottom left of the screen like the one shown. Or it might be an arrow on the top right of your screen.

B. You can click on the little box or arrow to access the download. It will probably begin to play straight away. Now move on to step 4.

Step 4: Saving the downloaded file where you can find it.

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Next when you open the file or right click the little box it will give the option to “save as” or “view file location” This is where you can specify where to keep this file. Perhaps on the “desktop” is a good place for now, that way you can easily find it. You can always move it somewhere else later but initially saving it to the desktop is a good idea for simplicity. Now you know how to download MP3s

How to download

Do you need more help?

This guide is for how to download to desktop computers or laptops. However, if you are looking for help on how to download to iPads or iPhones or Android devices please visit out technical support page for help

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