Moon Gazing Meditation

Moon Gazing

Moon Gazing How to do it

Tuning in

Moon Gazing is a practice where you observe the moon and mentally connect with the surrounding universe. If you have ever meditated or used self-hypnosis, you may find moon gazing an interesting type of meditation to try. If you have little or no experience of meditation, start with a few minutes of simple gazing at the moon. It’s helpful to journal your experiences, so keep a notebook handy.

You do not need to be outside to practice this. You can sit by a window with a good view of the moon. This practice is in effect being tuned into the moon and its phases and changes. So you may find it helpful to keep track of and understand the different phases of the moon.

Try the following steps to begin the practice of Moon Gazing:

  1. Find a comfortable place with a good view of the moon
  2. Take a deep breath as you watch the moon. Breathe out and let go of tension.
  3. Do a few more relaxing breaths until you feel relaxed. Perhaps close your eyes as you breathe out if you want to do so.
  4. Look at the moon and sense the amazing energy of the moonlight. Imagine the light flowing all over you and through you. You could imagine positive effects from the moonlight, such as stress easing away.

When you are ready to conclude, notice how you feel. What thoughts come into your mind? Make a note of any intuitions, thoughts, and ideas.

Moon Gazing Meditation:

After the simple tuning in exercise above, you can continue to a meditation from step 4.

Continue to gaze at the moon and let your mind be quiet and your body relaxed. If you notice any thoughts coming into your mind, try to just let them go. As with calming mindfulness meditations, try to not get involved with the thoughts. Anytime your mind wanders off, bring your attention back to the moon and the energy of the moonlight. Continue this for 15 – 40 minutes as desired.

Benefits of Moon Gazing

You may find that there are some surprising benefits. You may feel very connecting to nature and the universe. This connected feeling can be very comforting and calming. With continued practice you may become less stressed, more peaceful, less anxious, and you may even sleep better.

You may find these benefits:

  • Feeling more relaxed and stress-free
  • Reduced anxiety
  • A feeling of perspective regarding any problems or challenges
  • Better focus and concentration
  • Improved sleep
  • Enhanced intuition


All kinds of meditation tend to increase intuition. When you regularly meditate, you find you listen to and trust your intuition more. Regular meditation helps you feel more connected to your inner self. This is a type of meditation, so it is no surprise that you may feel your intuition blossoming.

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