How To Overcome Blood Pressure Phobia?

How To Overcome Blood Pressure Phobia?

Are you anxious about blood pressure? Perhaps you get higher readings because you are anxious and you are looking for a way to overcome this problem. If you think you might have high blood pressure then you should of course get checked at the doctors. You can also buy a home blood pressure monitor to help you keep an eye on it at home. So if you are looking to calm yourself down so that the readings improve begin by taking deep breaths. When you are ready, take a reading if you have your own blood pressure kit. Maybe your anxiety will make the reading higher but that anxiety will come down and if it is affecting the blood pressure readings, then they will come down too.

You must check your blood pressure

The key thing is to test it. Maybe you have an extreme blood pressure anxiety and if you do, the answer is you still need to get readings, to find out what your blood pressure is so that if it is too high you can take the positive actions to lower it. If you are extremely anxious, facing up to taking the readings will free you from that fear, even if the readings are less than ideal. Like any fear of phobia, hiding from it and not facing your fear will leave you trapped in a state of anxiety.

Health Anxiety & Hypochondria

Sometimes people are anxious about their blood pressure check ups because of fear of illness and obsessive thinking, often referred to as hypochondria, an irrational fear that you’re seriously ill. It’s often accompanied by anxiety and panic attacks. The condition can cause people to avoid medical care, which in turn can lead to serious problems. A common anxiety is the fear of high blood pressure. This anxiety and fear is sometimes so strong that it causes high readings at the doctors, even though at home you may get normal readings. This is known as white coat syndrome.

How to overcome Fear of Blood Pressure tests

To overcome it requires a greater degree of control over your fear and anxiety. When looking for how To overcome blood pressure phobia just practicing meditation or using self hypnosis on a regular basis can help you with this. With practice you will be able to calm yourself down even in the doctors room or with the nurse. But what if your blood pressure is slightly high and the anxiety causes it to rocket when you get a reading taken at the doctors? Under this circumstance you may want to make some small changes that will lower your blood pressure such as walking more, adjusting your diet or loosing a bit of weight.

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Understand the Symptoms

Hypochondria may mean that you feel anxious when you go to see your doctor, and you may fear that you have various illnesses and conditions from time to time and seek out reassurances, perhaps tests too. With Hypertension phobia it is a fear based only on if your blood pressure is out of range. If you are very anxious about even the thought of having a blood pressure reading done, then you may have hypertension phobia.

Find out how common it really is

Hypochondria is an anxiety disorder characterized by excessive fear of having a serious medical condition. It usually begins during adolescence or early adulthood. People with hypochondria often worry excessively about minor illnesses and injuries. They may avoid doctors and hospitals, fearing that they will be diagnosed with a life-threatening illness. Or they may seek the reassurance of test after test. With hypertension phobia it is something that sometimes develops after getting a reading that is out of range and this may have occurred because of stress or illness at the time. Then the fear of it happening again can develop, and sometimes avoidance of having those checks can occur.

Learn about the causes.

If you feel anxious about visiting the doctor, there are several reasons why you might be feeling this way. You may believe that you have a serious illness, such as cancer when in fact you don’t. Or you may be worried that you have a more common problem, such as high blood pressure or asthma. All phobias start with an over reaction where the mind and body go into fight or flight mode. The situation at this time of this tends to because the focus and a connection is formed.

Don’t panic.

Hypochondria and anxiety about blood pressure being too high is a common fear. People who suffer from these issues often worry excessively about minor illnesses and injuries. This anxiety can lead them to avoid medical care until they become seriously ill so take action and you will feel much better. How To overcome blood pressure phobia is something that takes time and effort. What works for one person won’t necessarily work for you, so persevere and you will get some relief.

Talk to your doctor.

It’s important to talk with your doctor about any concerns you have regarding your health. They will help you determine whether you need further testing or treatment. You may find out new ways of how to overcome blood pressure phobia if you talk to the nurse or doctor. If you have a condition that requires regular visits to the doctor, you may find it helpful to make an appointment before you start worrying about it. If you want to read about ways to lower your blood pressure click here to go to the nhs website

How to overcome blood pressure phobia

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