5 Easy steps – How to do self hypnosis using audios

How to do self hypnosis

When you first get started using one of our self hypnosis downloads or hypnotherapy CDs it may be helpful to follow these 5 steps to get the most out of the hypnosis. This is just a guide but following these steps will help you relax more deeply, get into a trance state more easily, take on the hypnotic suggestions more fully and therefore gain positive results. So read on for how to do self hypnosis using an audio recording.

how to do self hypnosis

1. A time and a place

Find a safe, preferably quiet place to relax and listen to your self hypnosis audio. Choose a time and place that suits you well. This needs to be a place where you will not be disturbed for 30-40 minutes.

Before you start, switch off phones so you wont be disturbed. You might want to lie down on your bed or sofa, or perhaps sit in a comfortable chair. Perhaps get a pillow or cushion behind your head and maybe a blanket or sweater to make sure you don’t get too cold as you will be still for a while. Do not try to use self hypnosis audios in situations where you need to be alert or if you are driving, using machinery etc.

2. Relax and listen

Start the recording and try to relax without forcing it or trying too hard. Perhaps start by slowing down your breathing. As you listen you will relax more and more, but initially when you first listen, your conscious mind might be a little more alert, wanting to hear what is on the audio, this is perfectly normal. Next time you listen you will relax more deeply. We recommend listening to the audios with headphones or earbuds in order to reduce distractions and focus fully on the words, visualizations and suggestions in the audio.

3. Be open minded

Try to be open-minded about the process. There is not a set way you are meant to feel, everyone is different, for some people the results are fast and noticeable and for others it takes longer. When you are learning how to do self hypnosis you listen to positive suggestions and ideas in the recording and ideally, try to be positive or neutral about what you are hearing. If there are things that you feel do not apply to you that is fine too.

When you are learning how to do self hypnosis you will find some things work better than others. You may prefer to sit up rather than lie down for instance. With practice you will find what works for you. A positive mindset will give the hypnosis chance to work. If you are negative about it it simply won’t work, as being negative when you hear the suggestions for change means you are literally rejecting the ideas as you hear them. With practice you can be passive or positive about what you are hearing.

4. Repetition

When looking at how to do self hypnosis, regular use is essential. If you think about it, you are trying to change an idea that is rooted in your mind, be it the desire to smoke, or the feeling of low self esteem, the idea needs to be changed to a positive one, that is the point of the hypnosis. Therefore repetition will help make those changes happen. You need to be committed to the changes you are making and so it is an absolute must that you use the recording daily at first.

Most of our audios have 2 or 3 tracks, some have only one track. On the single session self hypnosis audios, we recommend that you listen to it every day for 21 days, then use once or twice a week for 2 weeks, and then as and when required after that. With many of our titles they have a daytime and a bedtime track, in this case you could listen to just one track, according to what suits you but if you want you can listen to both of the tracks.

Some of our self hypnosis audios have a third track, this is a mini hypnosis booster, lasting about 5 minutes. It is designed to enhance the effects of the main tracks, so is to be used in conjunction with the full tracks rather than instead of. The mini track is useful to use when you don’t have time for the full one, or just before going into a potentially triggering situation.

5. Be Safe

It is important to remember that you must be in a safe place before you start using the hypnosis. If your attention is required elsewhere then it is not the right to to use self hypnosis. Hypnosis is safe, but if you have a medical condition please check with your doctor before using self hypnosis. Do not use if you have epilepsy unless advised otherwise by your neurologist.