Stop Smoking Using Hypnosis

Hypnotherapy – Stop smoking using hypnosis

Quitting smoking isn’t easy, it is a long, arduous process well known by many, but not everyone is aware that in addition to physical health benefits, studies show that mental health improves is you quit smoking as well. Anxiety, depression and stress levels are demonstrably lower in those who successfully quite smoking by any means including those to just go cold turkey. Studies, referenced below, have also shown that hypnosis is an effective treatment method for stopping smoking.

What is hypnosis?


Contrary to some fantastical ideas that hypnosis is a kind of stage trick, hypnotherapy is actually the practice of lowering your stress levels by putting you into a sleepy trance, where you are still able to exercise free will. Simply put, the purpose of the hypnotherapist is to make positive suggestions towards your subconscious, so that you can resist the temptation to smoke through a subconscious primer made during a hypnosis session. The more you listen to hypnosis, the more powerful the subconscious block.

Are there any risks with hypnosis to quit smoking?

Hypnosis in the movies might give you some false ideas of what hypnosis actually is with subjects of hypnotic trances seemingly unable to exercise free will and the hypnotist usually has bad intentions. When it comes to hypnosis in the real world these ideas are absolute nonsense because hypnosis is a very useful therapeutic tool. The scientific literature agrees that there is no risk posed by the practice of hypnosis.

What happens during hypnosis?

Many hypnotherapists choose to focus on the negative outcomes from smoking. That it has negative consequences for your body, that you need your body to live, and that you should therefore respect your body as you might a temple. Repeating such ideas internally is a critical part of any successful treatment using hypnosis. However there will also be focus on the positive end result once you have quit smoking, such as a sense of achievement, feeling healthy, looking healthy and less health concerns or health anxiety that you may have had before.

Does hypnosis work?

Hypnosis is a legitimate form of therapy, in various studies conducted for a variety of ailments, strong evidence persists in stating that hypnosis is effective in reducing and managing anxiety disorders, smoking, IBS, depression and many other ailments. While it is true that some people do report that they are unaffected by hypnosis, a secondary cause of hypnosis being ineffective is that people do not want to be hypnotized in the first place. Hypnosis works on willing participants, and insofar as a person is willing, the chances of positive outcomes increase. Plan to go into it with a clear mind, patience, and resolve. In short, you need to truly want to quit smoking for it to be successful.

It is important to stress that to stop smoking using hypnosis one session alone or listening to a hypnosis download once, is not sufficient to treat any condition, including when you quit smoking. Therapy requires multiple sessions, and using the audio daily will likely being much better and stronger results than intermittent use. The subconscious primers, such as, ‘you have no desire to smoke’, are made more effective with repeated listening to our hypnosis audio.

Hypnotherapy for stopping smoking


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