The word “mesmerism” is synonymous for some with the word hypnosis or hypnotic trance. It originates from the research and experiments of an Austrian Doctor called Franz Mesmer who developed an interest in what he termed “magnetism”. Mesmer believed this magnetic energy came from the human body and he would imbue objects with this energy. …

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Are you having a panic attack? How to Stop Panic Attacks

Symptoms often include: Feeling hot, sweating A desire to run away or escape A feeling of dread like something terrible is about to happen Racing heart Shortness of breath Shakiness Physical tension strange feeling in face How to stop panic attacks The key with how to stop panic attacks is to lower your overall stress …

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post hypnotic suggestions

Post Hypnotic Suggestions

What are “post hypnotic suggestions” and how do they work? If you would like to find out more about hypnosis click here to go to the frequently asked questions about hypnosis section Click here to go to the help center for more resources

Free Anxiety Hypnosis Download

Anxiety Help – Anxiety Hypnosis Download Stop Anxiety Hypnosis audios can be very helpful for anxiety, stress, panic attacks and sleep problems.  We all get anxiety at certain times in our lives, but with the current events going on worldwide due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic this is becoming more common.  In light of this …

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