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Wedding Speech Confidence Self Hypnosis Hypnotherapy MP3 download

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Wedding Speech Self Hypnosis MP3 by Clinical Hypnotherapist, Rachael Eccles

Hypnotherapy is a proven, safe and easy way to improve public speaking and reduce anxiety. This recording is focused on wedding day speeches. Whether you are the best man, the mother, or father of the bride, the bride or groom, this product is for you. This self-hypnosis guides you into a deeply relaxed state where your attention is focused and your body relaxed, the suggestions allow change to happen in the way you feel, so you become much calmer about that speech, so that you begin to have a very positive expectation that it will go well. Ideally use this MP3 for 30 days leading up to the wedding, in the meantime, practice, practice, practice, so you know your speech inside out. You will find as the big day draws closer you become calm and confident, you begin to look forward to that moment in the spotlight, knowing you will give en excellent speech, delivered confidently, with calm and ease. Good Luck!

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