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Sports hypnosis can help you with motivation, it can help you to achieve your best and get in the zone more easily too. If you are looking for free self hypnosis for sports performance you may want to follow us on Facebook to hear about out latest titles. Sports hypnosis audios we have are mainly golf hypnosis downloads and CDs, we also have better snooker hypnosis, Roller derby (jammers or blockers), Workout motivation hypnosis audios. We have more sports hypnosis audios coming soon too.

Self Hypnosis for Musicians and Performers

If you are a sports professional or a musician or actor you may experience performance anxiety or stage fright. We have some great sports hypnosis downloads and CDs to help you with this. Please browse through the items below. Hypnosis and sports performance can help you get the edge when it comes to motivation, self believe and skill development. Get in touch if you do not see what you are looking for though.

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Interview Confidence Collection, 11 Hypnotherapy Recordings, Hypnosis Downloads: Instant MP3 or CD

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Format: CD/MP3

The Job Interview Confidence Hypnosis Downloads (or CD) Pack


This bundle includes 5 titles with 11 hypnosis downloads.

  • Interview Confidence, 3 tracks
  • Build Instant Rapport, 2 tracks
  • Giving a Presentation, 2 tracks
  • Ultimate Concentration & Focus, 2 tracks
  • Mega Confidence, 2 tracks


Better Value with a bundle

Instant Downloads

Each title in this pack includes a daytime and a bedtime hypnosis. There are 11 instant hypnosis downloads in total. Buying these separately would be £44.95 so at £33.50 this bundle saves you over 25%.

Hypnosis CDs

If you choose CD format you will receive 5 x CDs, This would normally cost £54.85, so at £46.60 you save over 15%


How to use this Hypnosis bundle

Start as soon as possible as the more often you use the hypnosis the better the results will be. Use the hypnosis audios in the order listed below. You only need to use 1 track per day but listening to it twice a day (either track) is even better.

If you have more than 2 weeks before the interview then spend longer on each title before progressing to the next. Schedule time into your calendar for using the hypnosis audios to get into a routine. Begin with Mega confidence, using twice a day (1 track), for 3 days if time allows. Then move on to Giving a Presentation and so on. If you do not have much time before the interview listen to the Interview confidence title as a priority and then select an additional title to use as well. If you have to do a presentation as part of the interview process use the giving a presentation title followed by build instant rapport. Also use the interview confidence mini hypnosis just before the interview if possible.

Order of use before the interview:

1. Mega Confidence

2. Ultimate concentration & focus

3. Giving a presentation (skip this one if you do not need to give a presentation as part of the interview)

4. Build Instant Rapport (listen to this at least once)

5. Interview confidence (listen to this at least twice)



Do not use while driving, operating machinery. If you have epilepsy, schizophrenia or a heart condition, consult a physician before use.

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Does sports hypnosis Work?

Sports hypnosis can work really well, but you have to be ready to put in the hours to do the training, therefore we recommend having a schedule planned and then use a hypnosis to help you succeed. So does sports hypnosis work? Yes, but you must commit and use it daily for 21 – 30 days. All you need to do it find a quiet place to relax and listen for 30 minutes. Self hypnosis can help sports professionals and amateurs with confidence, technique, motivation and self belief. Free self hypnosis for sports performance will be coming soon.

Can hypnosis cure performance anxiety & stage fright?

You can use hypnosis for sports performance anxiety with great success. It works just like any other anxiety hypnosis, by influencing your subconscious mind to let go of fear and focus on what you are doing. We have a Sports Performance Anxiety hypnosis audio coming out very soon.

Can hypnosis improve athletic performance?

Yes, it can help you with motivation, focus, confidence, self belief, technique improvement, enthusiasm, dedication and commitment. These are a few things you can get from sports hypnosis. You can use find titles on motivation, concentration and reducing anxiety. Sports hypnosis can help you overcome your blocks.

Can hypnosis help musicians performance anxiety?

Absolutely. We have several kinds of hypnosis for musicians particularly for performance anxiety and stage fright. It is a common problem for all kinds of performers.

How to get success with self hypnosis for sports, musicians and other performers

Start with a relaxing meditation

You can use one of our free self hypnosis tracks to start your day off right. Just listen to the soothing hypnosis as you drift into a deep state of relaxation. Click here to view our free meditation and hypnosis downloads menu, or here for a longer hypnosis.

Focus on Breathing Slowly and Deeply

If you get anxious before an event, taking some slow deep breaths can help, try to do this for a few minutes and keep your mind focused and calm. You may find using one of the free audios helpful too. It will also help you relax and feel more energized throughout the day.

Visualize Success

You can use visualization techniques to help you achieve success in any area of life. In fact, research shows that people who visualize themselves achieving goals tend to perform better than those who do not. So, when you practice visualization, you can actually see yourself succeeding. Imagine the event going really well and see yourself calm, confident and in the zone.

Imagine You are Winning

Visualization is an effective technique for improving your athletic performance, or any other kind of performance. It helps you focus on what you want to accomplish, and then imagine yourself doing so. This will help you feel more confident and motivated as you prepare for your next event. See it going really well, see yourself elated at the end of it.

Focus and Determination

Repeat the above steps a few times before you perform. Let any doubts, fears or negative thoughts be eradicated from your mind before you begin performing, whether its a sports event, or whether you are on stage. These steps will help you calm you, quieten your mind and get you focused. Then you should find that what you felt as nerves or anxiety is now just a positive boost of adrenaline that you need to give it your best. With your mind calm and quieter you will be able to get in the “zone” easily and perform at your best.

Sports hypnosis & hypnosis for musicians
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