Less Alcohol Self Hypnosis for Drinking


Drinking alcohol too often can easily become a habit. Perhaps you are drinking over the recommended weekly quota. Even drinking during the week as well as at the weekend. This hypnosis for drinking will help you with cutting down to specific days or occasions. This will make you feel healthier, stronger and good about yourself. Decide in advance what nights you will drink no alcohol or drink less and arrange activities to help you through.


This hypnosis for drinking is designed for habit drinkers. Please do check with your Doctor first if you are looking for hypnosis for alcoholism. Then you could try the give up alcohol self hypnosis

How Can Hypnosis Help You?

If you want to reduce or stop alcohol hypnosis can help you achieve this. With regular use of this self hypnosis download you should find that your desire to drink lessens more and more. You will feel less desire for alcohol. The Drink Less Alcohol Self Hypnosis can help develop in you:

A genuine reduction in the desire to drink alcohol
An iron will – no more excuses to drink
Fast and noticeable results

Hypnosis works by influencing your subconscious mind and changing habit reactions. Hypnotherapy is effective in programming your mind to overcome bad habits and make positive changes. Using self hypnosis can increase your motivation to succeed. With continued use you build your willpower and enhance your enjoyment of feeling healthy and positive.

Includes 3 self hypnosis sessions to choose from:

1. Drink Less Alcohol, Listen & Wake Hypnosis
2. Drink Less Alcohol, Lite-Speed Mini Hypnosis
3. Drink Less Alcohol, Bedtime Hypnosis

Daytime, Mini & Bedtime Hypnosis

The Listen and wake track will guide you into a deeply relaxed state where you listen and absorb the post hypnotic suggestions for becoming less interested in drinking alcohol, able to relax without it and enjoy taking better control. This one wakes you up at the end, so use it if you want to feel refreshed and alert afterwards. The Lite-Speed track is a 5-minute booster, ideal if you don’t have much time- use to strengthen the effects of the full hypnosis. The Bedtime hypnosis (similar to track 1) guides you to sleep as it ends, so it is perfect to use when you go to bed.

Important Information

Do not use while driving, operating machinery. If you have a medical condition, schizophrenia or a heart condition, consult a physician before use.