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Self Hypnosis Drink Less Alcohol, Hypnosis Downloads Bundle

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The Drink Less Alcohol hypnosis bundle (Instant Download or CD)

The Drink Less Alcohol Hypnosis Bundle Includes the following 5 titles:

  • Drink Less Alcohol (3 Tracks)
  • Healthy Lifestyle (2 Tracks)
  • Feel Powerful and Strong (2 Tracks)
  • Straight to sleep (1 Track)
  • Perfect Sleep (2 Tracks)


Better Value with a Bundle

Instant Downloads

Each title in this pack includes a daytime and a bedtime hypnosis. There are 10 instant hypnosis downloads in total. Buying these separately would be £44.95 so at £33.50 this bundle saves you over 25%.

Hypnosis CDs

If you choose CD format you will receive 5 x CDs, This would normally cost £54.85, so at £46.60 you save over 15%


How Hypnosis Can Help You to Drink Less Alcohol

Drink Less Alcohol & Feel Powerful and Strong

The hypnosis for drinking less alcohol, combines well with the effects on the "Feel Powerful & Strong" self hypnosis. This helps you create a determined, mental focus and enjoyment of getting healthy. You feel empowered by making these changes.

Perfect Sleep & Straight to Sleep

If you had been using alcohol to help you sleep then the "perfect Sleep" and "Straight to Sleep" Hypnosis meditations will be a great help.

Healthy Lifestyle

Hypnosis for alcohol reduction works even more effectively when combined with a healthy body attitude, so the "Healthy Lifestyle" hypnosis is a perfect complement. You may find that not only are you drinking less alcohol but you actually find it easy to do so and maintain it.

These downloads each include two tracks one for daytime and a bedtime hypnosis (with the exception of "Straight to sleep" which has only the bedtime track) That is 9 instant downloads in total.


How to use this Hypnosis Bundle

1. First things first, set a date that you will cut down. How about today? You will also need to make some decisions about when you will or will not have alcohol. For example, perhaps you will only drink ion social occasions? Perhaps just at the weekends. Also, maybe you want to limit the maximum drinks you will have on any one evening. Perhaps you will measure your drinks. Perhaps drink water in between any alcoholic drinks. Make your decisions and write them down.

2. Start by listening to one of the tracks on Drink Less Alcohol (not the mini track). Use one of these tracks once or twice a day for 7 - 9 days. During this time if at any point you find yourself thinking about drinking when it does not fit your plan (as in step1), use the mini track to give you a boost. It is only 5 minutes and will reinforce the main track, establishing post hypnotic suggestions. You can use the mini track as many times a day as needed. During these early days of reducing alcohol you may find one of the sleep hypnosis tracks useful.

3. After a few days start using Feel Powerful and Strong, either track, once or twice a day if possible. At this point you may want to use the Drink Less Alcohol sometimes as well, just choose according to how you feel at the time. Keep going for 14 days.

4. Now you can use the Drink Less Alcohol Hypnosis only if needed, perhaps using the mini track if any tempting or difficult situations occur. Now you can start using the Healthy Lifestyle Hypnosis. Listen to this for 10 to 21 days depending on results. You should find that you feel a lot better and enjoy healthier choices in life.

5. Use any of the audios as and when needed. Also remember you can mix it up, this is just a guide, follow your instincts and use a title that makes sense to you at the time.



Do not use while driving, operating machinery. If you have epilepsy, schizophrenia or a heart condition, consult a physician before use.

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Can I overcome bad habits with hypnosis?

Stop bad habits and hypnosis for addictions can help by influencing your subconscious mind with positive affirmations. When you are in a hypnotic trance state your subconscious is receptive and willing to change. Furthermore this means that after repeated usage of the hypnosis audios there are lasting powerful effects on your subconscious mind that push you to resist your addiction, or change the behavior whatever it may be.

Can everyone be hypnotized?

Virtually anyone can be hypnotized successfully. Generally, you can go into hypnosis if you choose to. It is not advisable to try to use hypnosis while under the influence of alcohol or drugs because you need to be able to fully engage with the process for it to work.

Can hypnosis cure sugar addiction?

It is a popular thing these days to cut out sugar because it is known to be so bad for us. We have two hypnosis audios on this subject – “Sugar”, which is designed to help you give up sugar completely. We also have “No Sweet foods” which is aimed at people of special diets or who are trying to lose weight and it is designed to help you eat significantly less sugar.

What are the most popular hypnosis audios in the self hypnosis for bad habits category?

Give up Alcohol, Drink less alcohol, stop smoking and Give up Sugar are the most popular hypnosis download or CDs in this category. However we also have compulsive habits in this category and the most popular one in that category are: Stop nail biting, stop skin picking and stop hair pulling.

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