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Phobias & Fears 

A phobia is a irrational fear of something, its important we understand that this irrational fear creates irrational actions. Fear of spiders for example is understandable, we don’t want to have spiders in our houses, but it becomes a phobia when your actions are an over response to a creature that is just as scared of you as you are of it. Hypnosis attempts to address your fears and phobias and help implant suggestions into your subconscious. These new suggestions allow your brain to understand new ways of thinking about your fear that don’t involve irrational responses, but instead a stoic acceptance and then overcoming of said fear. Fear is pure perception, when you are in a social setting, if you have a fear of people by projecting a aura of confidence people will believe you are confident. 

What is your phobia? 

Hypnosis is an excellent treatment for fears and phobias of all kinds.  If you can’t find the product you want please do get in touch, we will be happy to help you.

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Paruresis (Shy Bladder) Self Hypnosis 3 track Hypnotherapy MP3 hypnosis download

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Do you suffer from Paruresis, also known as "shy bladder" or "pee shyness"?

Do you find the prospect of using public toilet/restroom facilities a real problem?

Do you find it difficult to pass water (urinate) when you sense other people may be be around?

This is a social anxiety disorder that can respond to hypnotherapy as a means of overcoming the habit pattern. As Paruresis is an anxiety disorder it generally becomes the case for sufferers that the anticipation of needing to go to the bathroom anywhere outside of the sufferers own home, can be a real problem. If you suffer with this you will be all too aware of the limitations it can impose on your life: Day trips, going out shopping, going on holiday or even visiting friends or relatives can be very difficult anxiety inducing activities. This self hypnosis recording aims to break down the connections that perpetuate the anxiety reaction. Visualisations in the hypnosis recording guide you through going to public toilets and feeling absolute calm, this is like a mini-rehearsal so when it comes to the real thing you feel very much calmer.

Just imagine the freedom of being able to go anywhere without needing to consciously worry about this problem?

Imagine feeling just as calm as anyone else about going to the toilet/restroom, able to urinate without any difficulty and without anxiety.

Three tracks are included:

1. Listen & wake hypnosis

2. Bedtime hypnosis

3. Lite- speed (mini 5 mins) hypnosis

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