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A phobia is a irrational fear of something. It is important we understand that this irrational fear creates irrational actions. Fear of spiders for example is understandable, we don’t want to have spiders in our houses, but it becomes a phobia when your actions are an over response to a creature that is just as scared of you as you are of it. Using phobias and fears hypnosis helps to address your fears and phobias and help implant suggestions into your subconscious mind. These new suggestions allow your brain to understand new ways of thinking about your fear that don’t involve irrational responses, but instead a stoic acceptance and then overcoming of said fear. With practice using your hypnosis download or CD the post hypnotic suggestions will take effect and you will feel different. Fear is pure perception. When you are in a social setting if you have a fear of people, just by projecting an aura of confidence people will believe you are confident.

What is your phobia?

Hypnosis is an excellent treatment for fears and phobias of all kinds.  If you can’t find the phobias and fears hypnosis product you want please do get in touch, we will be happy to help you.

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Food Phobia: Overcome Anxiety and Difficulty with Food, Self Hypnosis, 2 track Hypnotherapy CD

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Food Phobia hypnosis CD

If you are reading this product description then you probably already know what food phobia is. You or someone close struggles to eat anything outside of a very limited diet, textures and tastes seem to be a really big deal, a big problem to tackle. Eating out in restaurants can be a nightmare. In situations where there may be pressure from people around you or an expectation that you would eat whatever is put in front of you, it can be so distressing that you just want to run away.

This hypnosis session was created to help people with this problem, to help take the anxiety, drama and fear out of trying new foods and replace it with curiosity, an open mind and an acceptance that you are in control and you do it at your pace, no pressure, no rush.

Listen to the session each day if possible for 2-3 weeks for best effect. See how you begin to open up to the idea of trying new foods, accepting that you may discover something you like, or you may identify foods that you don't like and choose not to try those ones again, the key here is that you (the person with the food issues) is in control of the situation and you take it at a comfortable pace, trying something new when you feel ready, bit by bit you expand your diet to a level that feels right for you.

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