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Straight to Sleep Self Hypnosis Hypnotherapy MP3 Download

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Straight to Sleep, Self Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy MP3 for better sleep: A self Hypnosis MP3 by Professional hypnotherapist, Rachael Eccles to help you to get to sleep easily, to sleep better and to overcome your sleep problems.

Listen to the MP3 in the evening before you go to sleep and reinforce by using each night for 14 - 21 days and then as and when required. You may also find the following titles helpful:


Perfect Sleep

inner Peace

Wake Bright & Early

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Guided Meditation CD’s, Meditation Downloads

We have a selection of guided meditation CD’s and downloads which are ideal for beginners and also enjoyable for those more experienced in meditation.

It can take time to fully appreciate the benefits of practising mediation.  Often though, the results are actually quite fast for most people.  After only a short time of using meditation you may notice that you feel calmer and more peaceful.  When beginning to practice meditation you may find quite rapidly that your mind is a little quieter and more tranquil.  You may become more relaxed physically.  In addition, you may find that you have greater control of your thoughts and are able to banish negative thoughts from your mind much more easily.

The state of hypnosis is similar to a deep meditation, it is an “altered state” and can feel like daydreaming, but you can come out of it if you want to.  Most times when someone is in a hypnotic state they choose to stay in it for a time,  because it is pleasant.  It can feel very different according to the level of trance you are in and if there is a purpose to the hypnosis – i.e. hypnotherapy, then it involves a willingness to follow instruction to achieve a desired goal, a willingness to relax and stay in the state of hypnosis and to listen, even if passively, to the suggestion work.  

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