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Relieve Back Pain, 2 track Hypnotherapy Self Hypnosis MP3 Download

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Naturally, you will need to ensure you have been thoroughly evaluated by your doctor before embarking on self treatment, so please ensure you have done this before using this MP3

Pain affects you emotionally and psychologically as well as physically - it affects your mood, your concentration, basically it affects your ability to enjoy your life. So how can hypnosis help with back pain? Well, pain can be caused by tension, stress, and poor posture. Holding on to excess physical tension over time becomes a muscle memory issue, the muscles begin to automatically adopt a tensed state and the discomfort becomes regular and routine. Stress can add to this tension and poor posture exacerbates it further. It is all a bit of a vicious circle.

The way hypnosis can help is by changing the habits and automatic behaviors. The subconscious runs the 'programs' in our subconscious minds where we repeat the same behavior automatically without conscious thought or choice. Hypnosis can establish positive change on a subconscious level which then becomes automatic and replaces the old habits. It is that simple, but, it does require some commitment. Chronic back pain is not going to disappear overnight, it will take time to change the situation. So what you need to do is take half an hour, listen to the MP3 and let yourself be guided in to a deeply relaxed state, where your subconscious mind begins to listen and becomes more receptive to the suggestions. The more you use it the more it should work, so try to listen each day for 30 days to gain the full effect. You may also find one of our other titles helpful, called "Improve your Posture"

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Guided Meditation CD’s, Meditation Downloads

We have a selection of guided meditation CD’s and downloads which are ideal for beginners and also enjoyable for those more experienced in meditation.

It can take time to fully appreciate the benefits of practising mediation.  Often though, the results are actually quite fast for most people.  After only a short time of using meditation you may notice that you feel calmer and more peaceful.  When beginning to practice meditation you may find quite rapidly that your mind is a little quieter and more tranquil.  You may become more relaxed physically.  In addition, you may find that you have greater control of your thoughts and are able to banish negative thoughts from your mind much more easily.

The state of hypnosis is similar to a deep meditation, it is an “altered state” and can feel like daydreaming, but you can come out of it if you want to.  Most times when someone is in a hypnotic state they choose to stay in it for a time,  because it is pleasant.  It can feel very different according to the level of trance you are in and if there is a purpose to the hypnosis – i.e. hypnotherapy, then it involves a willingness to follow instruction to achieve a desired goal, a willingness to relax and stay in the state of hypnosis and to listen, even if passively, to the suggestion work.  

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