Hypnosis Questionnaire

Complete this hypnosis questionnaire if you would like us to suggest some hypnosis and meditation titles for you.

Hypnosis Questionnaire

If you know what you want to change or improve about yourself but you can’t find what you are looking for, we can help you find which hypnosis download is best for you.  Or perhaps you are unsure of which product to get?  Simply fill in the hypnosis questionnaire above and we will get back to you as soon as we can with some suggestions for you.

What is the benefit of using the hypnosis questionnaire?

The point of it is that instead of browsing though or searching by keyword, we can do the work for you by telling you in an email what meditation and hypnotherapy sessions may best meet your requirements. In addition, each title we suggest will be hyperlinked to the product in the shop so you can easily click it to read more about that title or purchase it if you want to. In addition if you want to purchase our recommendations as a personalized bundle we will reduce the cost for you too.

What if I only want a selection of the suggested titles?

No problem. Once we send you your personalized recommended titles, you can let us know which ones you would like to buy. Or you can tell us the ones you want to exclude. If you are purchasing 6 or more meditation or hypnosis downloads you will get a discount. In addition it is convenient as they will all be in one transaction rather than you searching for each one individually.

What if I have a more general enquiry?

You can contact us using the Contact Form instead if that meets your requirements better. We aim to reply to email contact within 2 business days, but sometimes it can take a little longer.

We will get back to you as soon as we can after you complete the form

We will suggest some products which may be best suited to help you address the issues you want to work on.  Any information provided will be dealt with confidentially.  In the meantime, why not try one of our free hypnosis downloads?

hypnosis questionnaire
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