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Addiction hypnotherapy is a form of therapy which uses hypnosis to treat addictions. The aim of the treatment is to change your behavior so that you no longer crave the substance or activity. This may involve changing how you think about the addictive behavior, how you feel when you use the substance such as alcohol, and how you behave around others who use the substance or engage in the addictive behavior.

Hypnosis for Addictions

We have an extensive range of hypnosis for addiction help, so whether you are looking for a download or CD we are sure to having something helpful. With a total range of over 600 titles we have quite a collection of hypnosis audios to choose from.

Mindfulness For Weight Loss Guided Meditation CD or MP3 Download

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ISBN: 978-1-78587-283-9
Brand: Rachael Eccles
Format: CD/MP3
country of manufacture: United Kingdom
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This mindfulness meditation incorporates hypnosis suggestion to help you feel in control of food, and motivated to make the right choices. The mindfulness way of thinking means noticing and accepting that thoughts and temptations will enter your mind, but you don't need to act on them, wait, let the thoughts pass. Losing weight is a long game, there are no tricks or shortcuts, it means eating less, drinking water eating right. The suggestions in this relaxing audio will help keep you focused and motivated, with your goals crystal clear in your mind and the day to day choices easier, coming to you more automatically. As well as positive input about being strong, in control, and persevering it also help you to get a clearer ideas of why you are doing this and what it will be like when you achieve your goals.

3 tracks

1. Mindfulness for weight loss listen and wake meditation

2. Mindfulness for weight loss mini hypnosis

3. Mindfulness for weight loss bedtime hypnosis

Do not use while driving, operating machinery. If you have epilepsy, schizophrenia or a heart condition, consult a physician before use.

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Can Hypnosis Cure an Addiction?

Hypnosis for addictions can support you through the process. For example with stopping smoking hypnosis it helps by giving you motivation, deep relaxation and stress relief. It can really help a great deal. For alcohol hypnosis, we have drink less alcohol hypnosis download or CD and we also have hypnosis programs for stopping drinking alcohol altogether. If you are planning to use hypnosis for alcoholism please get approval from your doctor first.

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Addiction is a complex problem that requires treatment. It is not a choice, nor is it a moral failing. It is sometimes very difficult for you to stop the behavior. You can learn new ways to cope with life without staying addicted. Do you need one to one professional support? Click here to go to the NHS website for help and advice.