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Stop Excessive Compulsive Hand Washing Hypnotherapy Self Hypnosis MP3 Download or CD

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This product is for people who excessively wash their hands. It is a positive thing to wash your hands to wash away germs etc, so this product is only for use where the washing has become excessive. If you are a compulsive hand washer you may also find our "Overcome Fear of Germs" hypnosis helpful. The Stop Compulsive Hand Washing Hypnosis download or CD can develop in you:

★ An sense of calm and an inner strength
★ A reduction in anxiety
★ Noticeable, rapid results

Hypnosis works by influencing your subconscious mind and eradicating negative feelings and habits. Hypnotherapy is effective in programming your mind to change the way you think and react. This hypnosis can make change easy and effective, allowing you a sense of calm, peace and strength. With continued use you find that you feel calmer, more relaxed, less fearful and much more positive. Gradually you begin to question yourself when you feel compelled to wash your hands. You significantly reduce the number of times you do this.

Includes 2 hypnosis sessions to choose from:

1. Stop Compulsive Hand Washing Listen & Wake Hypnosis
2. Stop Compulsive Hand Washing Bedtime Hypnosis

The Listen and wake track will guide you into a deeply relaxed state, and develop an easy and strong feeling of inner strength, you feel calm, free of anxiety, you think empowering thoughts rather than defeatist ones. As you listen and become deeply relaxed and receptive, you absorb the hypnotic suggestions that create a lasting positive change for you. Use this session if you want to feel refreshed and alert afterwards. The Bedtime hypnosis is similar to track 1 except it guides you to sleep as it ends, making it ideal to use when you go to bed.

Do not use while driving, operating machinery. If you have a medical condition, schizophrenia or a heart condition, consult a physician before use.

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