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Stop Being a BackStabber, Stop Gossiping, Gossip & Talk About People in a Negative Way, Self Hypnosis CD

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Stop Being a Backstabber: Curb Your Two-Faced Gossiping and Gain the Respect of Others. Self Hypnosis CD by Clinical Hypnotherapist, Rachael Eccles

Who would you like to give this self hypnosis CD to in the secret santa gift exchange?!

How can this CD help stop back stabbing, spitefulness and nasty gossiping? Well, this is a self hypnosis session that is designed to help you overcome the tendency to call people behind their backs, it instils a sense of awareness - a stop and think moment when the tendency to be mean arises. So those two-faced and spiteful behaviours are changed. It also addresses the habit of gossiping.

Some people just fall into the habit of behaving like that and this CD is something that can help them to overcome the habit, to change and become a better person. Give the gift of honesty to someone. By buying this CD you will actually be doing them a favour, its like letting someone know they have body odour, not nice to find out but at least they can do something about it.

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