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Quit Chocolate, Don't want Chocolate Self Hypnosis CD

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Quit Chocolate Hypnosis CD

Do you eat too much chocolate?

Do you sometimes add up the calories and despair?

Do you hide the wrappers and feel guilty or embarrassed sometimes?

Do you know it would be easier to lose weight if you stopped eating chocolate?

This recording is designed to help you to let go of chocolate and just not want it. Let yourself relax as you listen to this self hypnosis and your subconscious mind becomes receptive, changes should begin to happen in your tastes and preferences and you have less inclination to eat chocolate or any other sweet high calorie foods. This recording does not tell you that you "cannot eat chocolate" as that would be counter-productive in terms of the way hypnosis works, what it does is help you to reduce your desire for it significantly. You may find that you might enjoy a little chocolate just occasionally but it is much more under control. Some people find they just don't want it at all.

Wouldn't it be great to just not want chocolate?

Imagine how good you would feel about that every time you walk past it or resist a temptation?

Imagine how easy it will be to lose a bit of weight over the weeks and months as the changes become even more powerful?

You can do this, you can do it easily. Listen to the recording daily for 3 - 4 weeks and let the changes begin to happen. How good it feels to be in control.

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