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Overcome Claustrophobia Hypnotherapy Self Hypnosis CD

SKU 00304CD
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This CD is designed to help you to overcome your phobia. Hypnosis is all about re-programming your subconscious mind, changing the patterns that keep repeating. With phobias you always remember to feel afraid, the same physical anxiety symptoms come up every time and it is a conscious battle to deal with it or escape the situation. This hypnosis CD aims to free you from this negative vicious circle. So all you need to do is take 40 minutes, listen to the CD and allow yourself to be guided into a deeply relaxed comfortable state. The positive suggestions and visualizations about change take an effect on your subconscious mind and allow change to begin to happen. With repeated listens the changes are reinforced and made more powerful. Listen to the CD every day if possible for 30 days. You may find it completely cures your phobia or it may just bring about some improvement. Keep using it if you need to, as the effects are cumulative.

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