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Golf: Putting for a Birdie, Improve Focus, Technique & Concentration, Sports Hypnotherapy Self Hypnosis CD

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Golf: Putting for a Birdie, Self hypnosis by Clinical Hypnotherapist, Rachael Eccles

When you are putting for birdie you may experience additional pressure and sometimes this can become such a distraction as to seriously hinder the shot. Eliminate this anxiety and over-thinking by using hypnosis. Its a simple and easy way to get your brain trained to focus automatically when the pressure is on. So that you take that shot, just as calmly, just as confidently and most importantly just as skillfully, as you would if you were just practicing. This CD guides you into a deeply relaxed state and inputs positive suggestions into your subconscious so that your mind can switch off all that noise so that you can let muscle memory help you take the shot and so you can be calm focused and in control, so you can become the great golfer you know you are, able to do it well, and always looking forward to the next opportunity. With continued use the self hypnosis not only allows you to become more relaxed and confident when putting for a birdie, it allows you to enjoy the game much more, and to play just as well when the pressures on as you would when there is none at all.

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