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Enjoy Housework & Chores, Hypnotherapy Hypnosis: A Self Hypnosis to Help You to Become Motivated to Do Housework, and to Enjoy it

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Yes, it really is possible to enjoy housework, I know its hard to believe but you really can, but only if you want to! That's the caveat with hypnosis, you have to want it to work.

What this MP3 does is guides you into a deeply relaxed state where your subconscious mind is more open to suggestion. The positive suggestions can then influence you to find completing mundane (and indeed mindless) tasks quite fun, and surprisingly rewarding. There is also a motivational element too, designed to get you ticking off to do lists and feeling good to get it done. So all you need to do is take half an hour and listen to the CD, perhaps in the evening before you go to sleep and let the changes happen for you.

Don't worry, you will still maintain your faculties, but as well as doing the important things in life you might find yourself laughing as you catch yourself proudly admiring the excellent cleaning, tidying and other tasks you complete. You may find that after just one or two listens to this CD there is a noticeable effect, but it is important to continue using the CD for about 21 days to gain the full effect as with some people it just takes a bit longer. Reinforcing it repeatedly also tends to make the changes more lasting. Don't forget to do your housework to music, and remember, it's also great exercise!

ISBN: 1785871404

Copyright Rachael Eccles, Advanced Hypnosis 2017

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