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Don't Be Shy, Overcome Shyness Hypnotherapy Hypnosis Download or CD

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If you are a shy person and it is holding you back or making life difficult, if you want to overcome this social anxiety problem, then this is for you. The Don't be Shy Hypnosis can develop in you:

★ An incredible increase in confidence

★ A reduction in anxiety, fear and self-consciousness

★ Fast results

Hypnosis works through influencing your subconscious mind, eradicating unhelpful negative feelings and thoughts that have been holding you back. Hypnotherapy is effective in programming your mind to change and this hypnosis will eliminate fear allow you to feel more at ease in every situation. You become more relaxed, at ease with yourself, any tendencies to over-analyse what you do and say are left behind, and you begin to feel more comfortable in yourself.

Includes 3 hypnosis sessions to choose from:

1. Don't Be Shy, Listen & Wake Hypnosis
2. Don't Be Shy, Lite-Speed Mini Hypnosis
3. Don't Be Shy, Bedtime Hypnosis

The Listen and wake track will guide you into a deeply relaxed and receptive state, where you absorb the hypnotic suggestions for becoming much confident and comfortable in yourself. Use this session if you want to feel refreshed and alert afterwards.

The Lite-Speed track is a 5-minute booster, ideal if you don't have time for the full session and perfect for use shortly before the occasion. The Bedtime hypnosis is similar to track 1 except it guides you to sleep as it ends, making it ideal to use when you go to bed.

Do not use while driving, operating machinery. If you have epilepsy, schizophrenia or a heart condition, consult a physician before use.

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