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Stop Compulsive Lying / Stop Telling Lies Self Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy CD

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Stop Compulsive Lying


This self hypnosis can be helpful to adults and older children who have a problem with compulsive lying. This habit or inclination is something that often arises due to self esteem issues and wanting to fit in socially. Once telling lies becomes an established habit, just like any other habit, it can be hard to break.


Hypnotic Suggestions

This self hypnosis is designed to give you a helping hand, to reassure your subconscious mind that it is alright to let go of this habit. You will hear positive hypnosis suggestions guiding you to make this change and to notice instantly if you find you are telling a lie and to instantly correct yourself. Initially, it may feel difficult to stop telling lies and there may be a fear that you will be somehow less likeable or less interesting, but the opposite is actually true. Kicking this habit will make you feel good about yourself, authentic and empowered.


How Hypnosis Helps with This?

This self hypnosis CD or hypnosis Download can help you to develop the following changes:

  • You notice immediately when you are starting to lie or exaggerate and you stop!
  • You want to be very precise about facts and information and speak on truths.
  • You develop strong self esteem, the more honesty you practice the better you feel


Will You Feel Better About Yourself When You Stop Telling Lies?

This habit is a much more common problem than many people realize. Usually people who suffer with this issue cause themselves all kinds of problems with friends, family and sometimes work too. The compulsion to lie often over such silly things is powerful and hard to stop. The habit sometimes originates in childhood, perhaps there was a problem and they made up 'stories' as an attempt to 'make it all better'. Everyone knows it is common for children to go through a bit of a phase of telling lies but when it continues well into adulthood it does need to be addressed. Stopping will make you feel so much better and it will probably be easier than you think.

People who tell lies like this often mean no harm but unfortunately it is very destructive to their relationships with others as it damages trust. The compulsive liar also has to deal with guilt, fear of confrontation, embarrassment, shame and damaged confidence and self esteem. This recording is designed to take you beyond the limitations of habit. We have all suffered with a habit at some point but habits can be broken, just like this habit of compulsive lying can and will be broken. Let the recording guide you into a relaxed state where your subconscious will receive the hypnotic suggestion that aims to help you break this habit for good.


How to Use This Hypnosis Audio

Listen to the hypnosis every day for 21 to 30 days to gain the full benefit from it. Hypnosis works best when used often and daily. You may notice changes quite quickly but keep using the hypnosis for the recommended time. After this, use it as and if needed.



Do not use while driving, operating machinery. If you have epilepsy, schizophrenia or a heart condition, consult a physician before use.

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