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Overcome Agoraphobia Hypnotherapy 2 track Self Hypnosis CD

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ISBN: does not apply
Brand: Rachael Eccles
Format: CD/MP3
country of manufacture: United Kingdom

Hypnosis is a proven, safe and easy method to remove unwanted fears and phobias. This sound recording is focused on eliminating agoraphobia. All you need to do is take half an hour for yourself, and let the CD guide you into a relaxed state where your attention is focused and your body relaxed, the suggestions allow change to happen in the way you feel, and the post hypnotic suggestions ensure these changes continue into everyday life.

As the changes happen, you let go of the old limitations that have held you back, you are free to achieve your full potential, to become calmer, more relaxed, more confident, to be free of fear and panic. This self hypnosis should be used at a time when you will not be disturbed, you need to be committed to the process, so use the CD daily for 30 days, the process of relaxation alone will help reduce anxiety levels, and the effects of the repeated suggestions will help to reinforce positive change and help you to break out of the cycle of anxiety.

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Disclaimer: Self hypnosis results may vary. Do not listen to hypnosis audios while driving or doing anything that requires your attention. If you have a medical conditions, especially heart issues, mental health disorder, drug addiction or epilepsy please check with your doctor before attempting self treatment. Sometimes your medical professional may approve the use of hypnosis or meditation but sometimes they may not think it is right for you or they may think it will not be of benefit.

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