How to bring the calm back with you after your holiday / vacation

On holiday/vacations you are away from the everyday stress in your life. Along with the relaxation and enjoyment of your vacation this temporary release from stress and triggers should allow you to relax to a new level. In these situations in the past, you may have asked yourself “how can I hold on to this feeling?” Yet as hard as you try, within days, if not hours of being back in your normal routine, the stress levels go right back to where they were before. For some people it might even feel like the vacation was a complete waste of money.


Hold on to the calm feeling with mindfulness

So how can you hold onto that relaxation and calm feelings that you have achieved on your vacation? One way is to practice some mindfulness when you next go on vacation. What this involves is simply being in the present moment, letting go of thoughts about the past, not thinking about the future, not wondering what other people are thinking, but just being present. When you do this, you can experience the moment more fully and may capture the memories too.


Another thing to try is meditation. Wait until you are at a point of relaxation and in a place that you find inspiring, calming or wonderful in some way. Then slow your breathing down, and close your eyes and take a moment to really experience what you are feeling at that moment in time. With your eyes closed see the place with your mind’s eye. Gather as much detail as you can; hear the sounds and feel the feelings. Focus on gratitude for just being in that place and feeling so relaxed.


Once the vacation is over you can practice the mindfulness technique anytime, anywhere and you may notice the feeling of calm comes back with the focused mental state of being present. You can also do the same meditation where this time you will be mentally transporting yourself back there. Just as before, you can visualize the details in your mind’s eye. You may feel the calmness like a memory coming back and this may help lower any stress you may be experiencing back home. These techniques while not as good as going back on vacation, can help you to bring a little bit of that calmness back with you.

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