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To keep up with the latest new product launches, special offers and discount codes or coupons, please follow us on any of the following social media sites as this is where to publish the news about new release of both meditation and hypnosis products. Furthermore if you have any inquires you can click here to go to the contact page, or if you’d like to know more about our company click here to go to the about us page. Here is our page on whether hypnosis is right for you.

Social media provides real time updates on the release of new product launches, special offers, discount codes or coupons.  Right now we are working towards releasing several hundred new products so its important you stay updated on the latest releases as they become available.  We believe that social media is a great way to communicate to our fans and so we put a lot of effort into it. Click the icons below to go to the respective social media sites, in order: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube.



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