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What is Recreational hypnosis?

Have Fun hypnosis is designed for your your personal enjoyment. It can take you to relaxing or unusual places you’ve never been before. It can be used for exploring your subconscious mind and is designed for enjoyment, escapism and boosting creativity. Overall we would highly recommend it as it can teach you things you never knew about yourself before. So browse through our collection of 60+ have fun hypnosis titles in the shop below:

Can you time travel with meditation or hypnosis audios?

Well not exactly no. But you can use self hypnosis or meditation to have fun and do it in your imagination. We actually have a have fun hypnosis audio on Mp3 or CD called “The Time Machine” (click title to go to the product). it is a really great hypnosis to try. You are guided into a hypnotic trance and then you visualize getting into a time machine and travelling to a chosen point in time. There is space for you to visualize freely and explore. It is all an exercise in your imagination of course but it is a great experience. It can be especially useful for creative types of people to boost creativity and overcome mental blocks.

Can hypnosis help with lucid dreaming?

If you have ever had a lucid dream you will know very well that the moment you become aware that you are in fact dreaming you will then instantly wake up! It can be infuriating if you are trying to experience lucid dreaming. So if you are interested in lucid dreaming and want to develop your ability to do it, we have a self hypnosis audio perfect for you. The lucid dreaming Hypnosis Download (click here to go to the product) is designed to help you succeed in doing this. This is also available as a hypnosis CD as well as MP3. A major theme through this hypnosis session is about making ‘reality checks’ to get in the habit of it, in waking life and when dreaming, this way you are more likely to become aware when dreaming and be able to control it rather than immediately waking up. This is a great fun hypnosis to try if you have an interesting in lucid dreaming.

Have you heard of developing your acting skills with hypnosis?

If you have to perform on stage or to an audience in any situation you might find it really helpful to know that we have a hypnosis audio entitled “the Actor” (click to go to this product). It is designed to help you get into character and be brilliant playing your role. As well as prepping you for your on stage performance it can in fact be useful for social or work situations too, such as if you have to give a big presentation or speech or you are going to be at a significant social event and want to “play the part”.

Are there any new recreational or have fun hypnosis audio titles coming out soon?

We currently have over 60 titles in the have fun hypnosis category, some are guided meditations, there are mindfulness titles and also hypnosis audios for creativity enhancement. We do plan on adding some new ones soon. If you want to find out about them the best thing to do is follow us on Facebook or Twitter and you will then be the first to hear about new titles as they come out.

Are you looking for something and need a bit of help?

If you are looking for something specific in the have fun category (or any other category) and you can’t find it please do get in touch. We offer excellent customer service and are always happy to hear from our customers and anyone who has a question click here to contact us.

Have Fun hypnosis
Have Fun Hypnosis