Exam Nerves Hypnosis Download or CD


This exam nerves self hypnosis can be useful for anyone having to take an exam. If you feel nervous and feel it is impacting your confidence, making you feel anxious and unable to perform at your best, then hypnosis may help you. We also have other titles aimed at developing your confidence and reducing anxious feelings.

How Hypnosis Can Help You

This Hypnosis download or CD will allow you to develop a feeling of calm confidence when performing in front of an audience. The Stop Exam Nerves hypnosis can develop in you:

★ A powerful confidence and self-belief
★ Inner strength – any nerves quickly vanish
★ Fast results

Hypnosis works by influencing your subconscious mind in ways which are helpful, hypnotherapy is effective in programming your mind to overcome self-consciousness, self-doubt and negative thought patterns. This hypnosis can make change easy and enjoyable, when you are in the exam you easily get into the “zone” you focus on what you are there to do and you perform at your best. Consequently you enjoy it, you are free of nerves and fear, you feel comfortable, your focus and concentration is excellent

Includes 2 hypnosis sessions to choose from:
1. Stop Exam Nerves, Listen & Wake Hypnosis
2. Stop Exam Nerves, Bedtime Hypnosis

Daytime, Mini & Bedtime Hypnosis

The Listen and wake track will guide you into a deeply relaxed state. As you listen and become deeply relaxed and receptive, you absorb the hypnotic suggestions to make these changes happen, your confidence grows. Use this session if you want to feel refreshed and alert afterwards.

The Bedtime hypnosis is similar to track 1 except it guides you to sleep as it ends, making it ideal to use when you go to bed.

Important Information

Do not use while driving, operating machinery. If you have a medical condition, schizophrenia or a heart condition, consult a physician before use.