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How does it work? I have worked for many years using hypnotherapy to help people make changes in their lives and in the way they feel.  As an advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist I believe that using hypnosis downloads or CD’s is equally beneficial as a one to one session for most people. 

In my experience hypnosis works by helping people make the changes they already want to make. This means it could be considered a positive influence. Or perhaps seen as a helpful guiding voice to reinforce the positive changes needed. It can also help to transform them from a mere idea, and make them become a reality. Our FAQ Hypnosis & Meditation section should answer any questions you have.

How to Use Self Hypnosis

Sometimes people look for hypnotherapy when really counselling might meet their needs better.  If your desire is to examine your innermost thoughts and understand your motivations then counselling may help. Alternatively meditation can also help greatly.  If you are more interested in changing how you feel, or think and react, then hypnotherapy is an excellent way of going about it.  Furthermore Hypnotherapy is the use of hypnosis to bring about positive change. To strengthen yourself, to overcome weaknesses and habits to stop addictions and develop and enhance yourself. Stop bad habits with self hypnosis. Overcome your resistance and stop addictions

Can I overcome bad habits with hypnosis?

Stop bad habits & stop addictions Hypnosis implants positive affirmations in your subconscious. So when you are in a trance state your subconscious is more willing to follow the guidance of the hypnotherapist. Furthermore this means that after repeated usage of hypnosis there are lasting powerful effects on your subconscious mind that push you to resist your addiction, whatever it may be.

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If you are looking for self hypnosis to help you stop bad habits then you will find a good range here to choose from. We also have lots of titles to help you stop additions as well. It is not easy to stop addictions and bad habits

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